A defense without fixed

If something has characterized Nàstic in recent years, it is that their defense has been recited from memory during long phases of the season. Last year only Trilles and Aythami experienced a nice fight for a position in the rear because the rest of the gaps did not present uncertainties. Pol Domingo, Alex Quintanilla and Joan Oriol won the game and completed one of the best defenses in memory at the Nou Estadi.

This summer the renewals of Alex Quintanilla, Marc Trilles and Joan Oriol were firmly faced. Three key pieces of the defense of the last course and with which they wanted to count yes or yes. They were not simple extensions, but finally the plenary session was achieved. An absolute happiness for all. Having the best defense from last year was a guarantee, but there were also moves. Alex Tirlea arrived in place of Carlos Albarrán and Josema took the place of Aythami Artiles. Two changes that renewed the bottom of the wardrobe.

Seven days have passed and it can already be said that this year there are more problems to know with which defense Nàstic will appear. It cannot be said that this year the defensive operation is being so precise. The team fits in more and that is generating more instability that is affecting Raül Agné's decisions. The injuries have not respected either and that has caused the variants to have been magnified.

On the right side, Alex Tirlea has burst in with force and it seemed that he was starting on a complicated mission like competing with Pol Domingo. However, the Pobla de Montornés winger is dealing with sciatica that has kept him out of action and has not allowed him to be at 100% when he has been available. The result has been that Tirlea has played five of the seven games as starters, prevailing in this initial stretch of the season. The Romanian is growing and leaves less and less doubt in the defensive phase, while in attack he shows that he has that depth that was sensed in the preseason.

In the center of the rear, Nàstic has Quintanilla, Josema and Trilles. The three have already played together and Agné has already tried up to three defenses in the starting eleven so far this season. The one who has had the most minutes has been Quintanilla (540 minutes) and he was only a substitute against Murcia due to physical problems. This allowed Agné to recover Marc Trilles for the starting eleven and played alongside Josema who, since he broke into matchday 5 against Amorebieta, has offered a solid and seamless performance that has dispelled the doubts he generated in preseason. The Madrilenian is shining with his own light and now he has opened the dilemma. He does not look like he is going to lose his place in the eleven in the coming days and the war between Trilles and Quintanilla may have begun. At the moment it is necessary to see the physical state of both, since the first ended up touched and the second could not even play against Murcia. In the bedroom is Pol Domingo, who already played as a central defender last day at the Nou Estadi in a position that he dominates and who has recognized on many occasions that he feels even more comfortable than playing lane.

There have been fewer doubts in the left-handed lane. Nil Jiménez started the season as a starter. Joan Oriol missed the first two games due to suspension and was unable to make his debut until matchday four due to injury. He had a few minutes in front of the Calahorra and there he already imposed the law on him. On matchday five he would start against Amorebieta and since then he has played everything. A decisive footballer who opened his goalscoring account against Murcia with a left-footed shot to the long post, a trademark of the house.

Today, Tirlea and Joan Oriol seem to start with an advantage on the flanks and in the center of the rear Josema is looking for a companion. The Nàstic defense is dividing up the minutes as it hasn't happened for years. The competition is extreme. Hopefully it will serve to close the faucet of goals against, something that has not happened at the moment. They have only kept a clean sheet in two games out of seven games. It is the great pending subject.

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