A civil guard, convicted of "fake news" against immigrant minors

An agent of the Civil Guard has accepted a sentence of fifteen months in jail by post a fake video on twitter which attributes to one unaccompanied immigrant minor the authorship of a aggression that had actually happened in Chinaon the Spain's first conviction for the dissemination of "fake news".

Before the court of the sixth section of the Barcelona Court, the defendant today acknowledged the facts and accepted a sentence for a crime against fundamental rights that includes a fine of 1,620 euros as well as the prohibition to carry out teaching or sports activities during five years.

The defendant's defense, JM, an agent of the Civil Guard, as confirmed by judicial sources, has asked the court to suspend his imprisonmentto which the Prosecutor has been favorable since he has no criminal record and has agreed to close their profiles on social networksalthough he demands that he follow a course of equality to get rid of jail.

Social media profiles

The Public Prosecutor's Office, which initially requested a two-year prison sentence for the defendant, has also requested as a condition to suspend his imprisonment that he not use profiles on social networks "with hate content" for two years.

According to the Prosecutor's Office in its indictment, which the defendant has assumed, he hung up the July 1, 2019 a video of a brutal attack on a young woman, making believe that it was images of a rape that had recently occurred in Canet de Mar (Barcelona).

The video, 45 seconds long and was viewed 21,900 timesIt showed a man brutally assaulting a woman, kicking and punching, after which he tried to pull down her pants to end up grabbing her hair and dragging her on the ground.

«Here you have the video of the Moroccan MENA of Canet de Mar, to those who are going to give the payment until they are 23 years old, the children of Pedrito Piscinas. By the way, then for more INRI rapes her, these madmen and these herds of Moroccans will not appear in the media, ”said the tweet that accompanied the video.

The recording, however, had no relation to the sexual assault that occurred in Canet de Mar, but rather was a video of a beating that occurred in China in June 2019 that had been released by the authorities of that country in order to identify his author through citizen collaboration.

The prosecution maintains in its brief that the defendant acted "moved by his animosity and rejection of foreign immigrants of Moroccan origin, and among them to its most vulnerable sector, such as unaccompanied minors.

xenophobic publications

In fact, the defendant's Twitter profile included numerous xenophobic posts and distorted or false information about immigrants in generalin addition to symbols such as the Celtic cross -usually used by ultras, Nazis and supremacists- and the motto of the Ku Klux Klan "we must ensure the existence of our race and a future for white children."

By court order after the filing of the complaint, the defendant's Twitter and Facebook profiles were closed, who last week also agreed to close his Instagram in order to facilitate the compliance that has been formalized today.

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