70% of the communities of owners of TGN are delinquent

Inflation of almost 10%, the increase in energy costs and the increase in the share of mortgages due to the reactivation of the Euribor have caused the perfect storm in the communities of owners. This is what the Col·legi Oficial d'Administradors de Finques alerts, which ensures that, today, "70%" of the Tarragona neighborhood communities have cases of delinquency. “It is especially noticeable in the small ones, where one or two cases already affect the day to day”, indicates the president of the collegiate entity, Fabià Huguet.

The highest representative of the association emphasizes that the increase in costs as a result of the War in Ukraine has been a turning point in cases of non-payment of bills. “The situation is worrying. With the war costs have increased a lot, and there are three options: raise fees, stop offering services or not pay. And the rare thing now is to find communities where there is no case of non-payment. I don't remember a similar situation in the last 32 years. The first thing that stops paying is the community and not the mortgage or the shopping basket », he remarks.

40% more in electricity

According to Huguet, the factor that has worsened the situation the most is the electricity service bill, which has increased by 40% in recent months. "It is the highest item, and its increase alters the execution of the budget," he indicates. For this reason, one of the consequences that all this increase has entailed is that either the neighboring communities, having more delinquencies, have stopped offering services or have reduced them. “For example, in those communities where cleaning was done twice a week before, now it is done only once. Or the owners do it directly”, affirms the president of the Col·legi d'Administradors de Finques.

Fabià Huguet (Property Administrators Association): «There should be public aid for the neighboring communities to be able to pay for electricity»

Likewise, one of the aspects denounced by the sector is the delinquency of financial entities. “Since the bank is awarded a farm, it registers it and the communities are aware of the change and make the payment of the undue fee, it can take between one and two years. It is not a quick payment and, in addition, it must be taken into account that when there is an eviction, the former owner had not paid the community for years, "emphasizes Huguet.

And what can the neighborhood communities do when there is delinquency? "You can report it to the courts, but justice is very slow," laments the Col legi de Administradores de Finques, which reveals that "many times an agreement is reached to split the payment", so the delinquency drags for longer.

For all these reasons, the entity asks public administrations that "in the same way that there is aid for citizens to pay for energy services, there should also be for communities", especially "in cases where there is community heating". "The luck in Tarragona is that there are few cases of this, but they do exist in other areas," he remarks.

Doubts with solar panels

Likewise, Fabià Huguet highlights that, especially as a result of the energy crisis, "there is much more interest in installing solar panels", but, however, he has doubts about their future amortization due to the high investment required. "The problem is that 40% of the bill is fixed costs," he laments.

The increase in non-performing loans may also have more effects in the future, as is the case of subsidies from European Next Generation funds to improve buildings in terms of energy efficiency, conservation and repair. Recently, the City Council announced a European subsidy of 8 million euros for communities from continental aid. However, the fact that part of the cost must be advanced can be an obstacle for the most deteriorated communities, which are also those with the highest delinquency rate. "In addition, it is required that energy efficiency improve by 30%, and many cannot reach this figure if a significant increase in the owners' fees is not carried out, which, in addition, can generate even more delinquencies" , the Mint. The fish that bites its tail.

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