3.5 tons of hashish seized in Tarragona

The Civil Guard seized in the early hours of Monday, October 17, a total of 3.5 tons of hashish distributed in 96 bundles on the beach of La Móra in Tarragona.

Agents of the Integrated External Surveillance System (SIVE) of the Tarragona Civil Guard, detected some traces on their control screens -these are the traces left by the boats in the video-surveillance system, installed along the entire coast - who told them that they could be facing traces of a fast boat known as narcolanchas.

These agents, some with years of experience in controlling the SIVE system, are capable of discerning if the traces correspond to a fast, fishing or recreational vessel, and based on their criteria, all the teams and patrols of the available to the Tarragona Civil Guard, deployed throughout the province.

The police force activated the response team of the Organized Crime-Anti-Drug Team (EDOA) of the Judicial Police Unit of the Command, a vessel of the Maritime Service, as well as different uniformed patrols that were sent to the La Mora area, which was where the discovered traces were heading.

The illegal boat was able to make landfall and they even had time to unload the hashish, on a beach in La Mora, which is accessed by a road closed with a chain that they broke to access, but with the arrival of the police operation, which was able to abort the cache, the boat along with the organization's personnel began a quick escape and despite the fact that the Maritime Service boat began the chase, due to the technical characteristics of these narco-boats, equipped with three or more engines, all of them high-power, it turned out impossible to intercept it and proceed to arrest its occupants.

The agents deployed at the scene were able to seize the 96 bundles containing hashish, with a final weight of more than three tons, an abandoned van at the scene with false license plates and various nautical material.

The narcotic substance was temporarily transferred to the Comandancia offices next to the seized van, where EDOA agents opened proceedings to be handed over to the Tarragona Police Court, competent by reason of the municipal area where the attempt took place. of stash.

The investigations continue, in order to reach those responsible for the act and proceed to their arrest.

The Tarragona Civil Guard, aware that police pressure in the south of the national territory has caused criminal organizations to use the coast of Tarragona for their crimes, continues to increase surveillance along its entire coast in order to close hashish access to Spain and the rest of Europe.

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