Zelensky assures that “all” Ukraine’s defense lines are up and says that “they will not surrender”

The Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenski, has assured this Thursday that “all” the lines of defense continue to stand and has indicated that, “If someone thinks Ukraine will surrender, they just don’t know anything” about the country.

In a speech reported by the Ukrainian press, Zelensky stated that Russia had been forced “to change tactics” and has considered that “the attacks with missiles and bombs” in the cities of the country are “a confession” that Russian troops “have failed to do anything significant” after a week of conflict.

“The enemy is not successful in any of the strategic directions,” he continued, before pointing out that Russian troops are “depressed” and “doomed” and value that Ukrainian cities under siegelike Kiev, Kherson or Izium, have resisted another night of bombing.

In this sense, Zelenski has accused Russia of going to Ukraine to “destroy its cities, destroy its people, take away everything that is dear to them”. “There is no weapon that you would not use against us, against the free citizens of Ukraine. And now you tell your propagandists that you are going to send the so-called humanitarian columns to the Ukraine“, has ugly.

The Ukrainian president has also guaranteed citizens that they will receive everything they need and has highlighted the launch of a special assistance program for citizens who cannot work within the framework of the invasion, who will be provided with 6,500 hryvnias (almost 200 euros).

Zelensky has also stressed that Ukraine receives weapons “daily” from its partner countries, “from true friends”, and has highlighted that “foreign volunteers” are joining the Ukrainian ranks. The president has put this number at 16,000 foreign citizens.

“We have survived in our history and in our homeland two world wars, three famines, the Holocaust, the Babi Yar massacre, the Great Purge, the Chernobyl explosion, the occupation of Crimea and the war in the east of our country”, has listed the president, who has clarified that, Although Ukraine is not big or does not have nuclear weapons, it has “its people and its land”.

“We have nothing to lose, except our own freedom and dignity. For us, this is the greatest treasure,” he continued, noting that “they are standing.” “If someone thinks that, having overcome all this, we Ukrainians are scared, broken or give up, they simply do not know anything about us, about Ukraine,” he concluded.

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