Zalux plans to increase its turnover by 20 million and its workforce in Alhama by 25 jobs

Zalux, a company dedicated to the manufacture of lighting materials based in Alhama de Aragón, plans to increase its turnover to 80 million in the next 4 years, 20 more than at present, and for its workforce to add 25 jobs to the 330 which it already generates at its three plants in the Community of Calatayud region, and to which another 30 are added counting Zaragoza, the rest of Spain and internationally. At a general level, 40% of jobs are held by women. These figures are part of a strategy for the coming years baptized as Zalux Next 2026 and that the company’s managers have presented to the DGA Minister of Economy, Marta Gastón.

“We invest between 1.5 and 2 million euros per year. Our goal is to grow to 80 million in turnover and, according to this evolution, in terms of staff with about 25 positions between professionals, permanent staff… We want to grow in facilities and machinery in this location, but also in human personnel, which is fundamental”, explained José Antonio López, general director of the company. In this sense, he also pointed out that “we have been in the sector for 40 years and we continue to evolve with projects to generate new lighting niches with new technologies and new products”. 90% of production is exported and they work on market diversification.

Specifically, López has explained that “the most important in which we are investing is lighting for explosive atmospheres, which is known as Atex, and in which we are about to obtain special factory certification to work with the petrochemical industry” . Furthermore, he added that Although its German parent Trilux works in more sectors, the Spanish division also focuses on sectors such as logistics, industry and livestock. To this is added that in their facilities they have the preparation of custom-made products.

Within his roadmap until 2026, López has recognized that sustainability and the circular economy occupy an important place. “Energy efficiency is a maxim: produce more efficient elements, which save energy, whose useful life is different, with ecological and biodegradable materials”, he argued. Thus, he has pointed out that the objective is a zero carbon footprint but has assumed that “it also depends on the suppliers”. Another of the actions associated with this approach to the future is the installation in one of its centers of some 300 photovoltaic panels for self-consumption, to which similar initiatives will be added.

López has acknowledged that they are taking this step because of the problem with the “costs” of energy and has indicated that they are looking with concern at the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “We believe that it may have repercussions in the steel sector, due to scarcity issues, since 23% of production is between Belarus, Ukraine and Russia,” he added.

Together with him, accompanied by a representation of the regional Executive, the company and the Consistory, Gastón has defended Zalux is a “business model” of which “not only in Alhama and its surroundings are proud, but in Aragon as a whole”. In this regard, the person in charge of Economy has valued that “it is not characterized by having requested subsidies and aid” and has recognized that the regional support will be directed to “anticipate, facilitate procedures, streamline procedures and accompany”.

In turn, Gastón has underlined that it is a brand that “takes care of the staff and the social aspect” and that in its career the commitment to R&D has predominated. “It is a guarantee of the future for employment, betting on the territory.” In addition, has passed through the laboratories where more than 2,000 tests are carried out a year to develop new products and where he has learned about artificial intelligence projects for prediction and optimization, the use of the ‘internet of things’, big data, artificial intelligence and learning of production lines to optimize the operation of his machines.

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