Yolanda Díaz calls the file of the investigation of the emeritus “incomprehensible”, from whom she demands public explanations

The Second Vice President of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, does not share the archive of the investigations into King Emeritus Juan Carlos I decreed by the Prosecutor’s Office, understanding that this “outdated” interpretation of the inviolability of the head of state is “incomprehensible”, especially when these alleged irregularities are limited to their private sphere.

In this line, he has described “very serious” this file when “it seems evident” that the emeritus “not only has not been exemplary”, as is required of any person who has been in institutions, but also “There is a stubborn vocation not to explain to your country what has happened and what you have done.”

“It is incomprehensible from the legal field, that we have such an outdated interpretation of the inviolability of the king. I do not share it at all. We are talking about acts that transcend the institution and are private, therefore alarm”, he emphasized in statements to Canal Sur, collected by Europa Press.

What’s more, you said that you get the feeling that “here we are not all the same”, when the standards of public responsibility in the 21st century are “very high” and he pointed out that society does not understand why public explanations are not given.

He has also said that he is not concerned whether Juan Carlos I “returns to Spain or not”, but yes “that he is not accountable for what has happened”, which is what the country wants.

“Have to give explanations of their behavior when he was representing the Head of State”, has settled the also Minister of Labor.

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