Where to donate medicine, food or clothing in Aragon for Ukraine

“People are encouraged to bring.” That is the testimony that is repeated and appreciated at some of the material collection points to send to Ukraine in the face of the Russian invasion. Thanks to associations of Ukrainians residing in Spain, aid is being coordinated throughout the countryas occurs in the three Aragonese provinces.

Schools, neighborhood associations, bars, hairdressers or parishes are places where you can deliver from food to baby carriers, through personal hygiene items. You can find your nearest place to donate in the table above.

Collection of material to send to Ukraine, in Monsoon.

Collection of material to send to Ukraine, in Monsoon.
City Hall Monzon

What is needed in Ukraine?

The same table also specifies what to donate at each collection point, however, as a general rule food, clothing and other items are necessary. It is necessary sanitary material, such as analgesics, anti-inflammatories, ointments, hemostats, catheters, thermal blankets, bandage scissors, decompression bandages, physiological serum, Thermogel bags or first aid kits. Also resources to make tourniquets, syringes, plasters and gloves. As to food, non-perishable foods are prioritized such as powdered milk, powdered cocoa, coffee, milk-free chocolate, energy bars, biscuits, tea or canned food -without glass-, all ready to consume. Also in most places lanterns are claimed.

The images that have emerged in recent days reveal the low temperatures that the Ukrainian people are experiencing, for this reason They also ask for thermal and warm clothes. Sleeping bags, mattresses, mats, inflatable mattresses or folding beds, blankets, pillows, towels and layer clothes are necessary. In addition to personal hygiene itemssuch as baby wipes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, soap, or diapers. Ukrainians who are stuck in their country also need kitchenware, such as metal and disposable tableware.

(You can inform about other collection points through the social networks of Heraldo de Aragón -on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter-, specifying the place and time of delivery. You can also write to Thank you very much).

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