Two flight instructors plan a new school at Huesca airport

Pedro Ortiz, former head of teaching at Airways Aviation, and Marcos Vila, also an instructor at the company that maintained a training center at Huesca airport until 2020, project create an international aeronautical campus in the capital of Huesca with a pilot school as the first seed.

Both have formed the company Barbatus Aeronautics in order to promote this project, whose development has been conditioned by the pandemic, according to Vila. Since the end of 2020, already with the economic viability plan in hand, sand have met with different administrations, Chamber of Commerce, CEOS-Cepyme and University of Zaragoza to present their approach. “We are preparing everything so that, when we have adequate financing, we can start in the shortest time possible,” they point out.

The project includes a flight school and a training center for maintenance technicians. An agreement is also contemplated with the University of Zaragoza for the development of qualifications compatible with the training of pilots and others linked to the aeronautical world.

Marcos Vila comments that the project “is very well spun and outlined” and that investors inside and outside Huesca have been sounded out. “Now we are talking with two banks and a financial intermediary to see if we can afford it like this“, he points out. According to the numbers handled by the company, the pilot school would start with 18 students until reaching 96 per year (the courses are a year and a half). “It would mean working with 200 people at the same time, which would entail an impact of 4 million in the city and its surroundings,” says Vila.

Just the training center would create 40 highly qualified jobs (10 to start) between instructors and administrative staff. In ten years it is planned to have 25 aircraft. Marcos Vila states that the academic level of the new training center “will be superlative”. “It is the only way to differentiate ourselves well from any other company. Nobody in Europe does what we are going to do, which is to group everything in a single space and under a single umbrella so that they feed each other,” he explains. According to him, there is only one similar company and it is in Florida (United States).

the geographical location, the meteorology, the facilities and the scarce air traffic of the airport These are the conditions that have encouraged these promoters to choose this space to develop their project. “We have spoken with everyone and the reception is good. They are trying to find the formula to be able to help us in the best way,” adds Vila.

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