They offer 2,000 places for the Jura de Bandera civil in May in the Plaza del Pilar

The Plaza del Pilar in Zaragoza will host on May 14 at 12.00 a Civil Flag Swearing in in which Up to 2,000 citizens can participatewhich are the places that have been enabled for an act that is part of the Week of the Armed Forces.

The Military Commander of Zaragoza and Teruel, General Manuel López; the Defense delegate in Aragon, Colonel Conrado Cebollero; and the mayor of Zaragoza, Jorge Azcón, have presented this Civil Flag Swearing-in.

At a press conference, General Manuel López explained that the citizens of Spanish nationality, over 18 years of age and who are not legally incapacitated by final judgment.

It is a form of support the Armed Forces and exercise the right to swear to the Spanish flag, which is regulated by a 2004 Defense Ministry order, he argued.

The act itself will consist of a small military parade with cadets of the General Military Academy (AGM) and the music band of the AGM will play. In addition, some 7 flags or banners will be articulated depending on the number of registered and various scripts of the Army, Air Force and Civil Guard.

He has encouraged all citizens to participate because “it is worthwhile” and because it has a meaning of “I remember those who gave their lives for Spain”. In addition, at the end of the act, a certificate of accreditation will be given to each participant.

Face-to-face and telematics

The Defense delegate in Aragon, Colonel Conrado Cebollero, has commented that it is about making the registration as easy as possible and there are two possibilities either in person or online.

In person you can go to the Defense Delegation in Aragon, on the Paseo del Canal, 1 or in the Palace of the former Captaincy General of Aragon, at 13 Ponzano Street; also in any subdelegation of Defense of Spain and in the headquarters of the Ministry of Defence. The deadline is April 22.

Online registration can be formalized on this website.

Colonel Conrado Cebollero has underlined that the aim is to facilitate the participation of those who are able and want to do so and accompany the Armed Forces that day.

The mayor, Jorge Azcón, has indicated that this is the second time that this act has been presented at the City Council and it is one of those that the coronavirus pandemic has forced to suspend in 2020, so it recovers in 2022 with “double satisfaction”.

He has been convinced that many people from Zaragoza will be happy to participate in a Flag Swearing-in of these characteristics where the pride of being Spanish is expressedof living in a full democracy and highlighting constitutional values, which belong to everyone and are reflected in the work of the Army”.

“Proud of our Army”

Azcón has stressed that it is an event “expected” by the citizens because the last occasions in which a Civil Flag Pledge has been held have been in 2008 and 2017. “We aspire to do it as many times as necessary“.

The mayor has been convinced that it will be a Civil Flag Swearing “absolutely massive” Arguing that 1,200 people participated in the previous one and 2,000 seats have been reserved for this occasion. “It will surely fill up in record time,” he ventured.

Azcón has asserted that the City Council will make it easier for the act to be the best known among the population and has conveyed his “almost absolute certainty” that many Zaragozans will be left without a place. “Which is good news because will lead to requesting another Civil Flag Swearing“.

He thanked the Ministry of Defense and those responsible in Aragon for their collaboration because it is a institution “essential” in the defense of the rights and freedoms in such a delicate moment”. He also made reference to the dedication and professionalism of the Army in times of peace and war “such as those that we have to live in the heart of Europe with a war in Ukraine”.

In his speech, the mayor said: “we have the obligation to recognize the importance of the Army, to have people who are willing to defend Spain with their livesour values, rights and freedoms, which sustain Western European democracies and their member countries”.

He has commented, it is an act to “say that we are proud of our army”. He added that it is an “honor” for him to participate in the presidency of the Flag Swearing-in, and that he will be “happy to share with the residents of the city who want to register.”

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