They judge a CHA leader for publishing a ‘meme’ with a Vox deputy in a Nazi uniform

César Ceresuela López, leader of Chunta Aragonesista in the region of Hoya de Huesca, was tried yesterday in Zaragoza as alleged perpetrator of a crime of insult to the deputy of Vox in the Cortes de Aragón David Arranz. The deputy denounced Ceresuela after he published in Facebook a montage or ‘meme’ with his image, name and surname and dressed in the Nazi uniform of the SS and attributing to him, by way of interview, homophobic and racist expressions, in addition to allegedly getting against the former president of the PP in Aragón Luis María Beamonte or the leader of Ciudadanos Daniel Pérez.

The photograph simulated the cover of an invented magazine with the header ‘Being a fascist today’ in large letters. It also included suspenders with the flag of Spain, alluding to the trial in which the deputy acted as a lawyer for the popular accusation on behalf of Vox in the trial against Rodrigo Lanza for the so-called crime of the suspenders.

«They have said that it was humorous, but I don’t think that dressing up as a Nazi is something funny. I don’t like Nazism at all,” Arranz said.

Arranz declared yesterday before the court that he did not know Ceresuela at all and that, upon learning of the publication by a colleague from the Huesca party, he reported the events to the Civil Guard. Then he sued the author, understanding that he was making “serious insults” against him, in addition to considering the images “clearly and objectively offensive.” “Racist, homophobic, fascist and Nazi have very negative connotations. They are affronts that undermine the dignity of any person,” he said.. «They have said that it was humorous, but I don’t think that dressing up as a Nazi is something funny. I don’t like Nazism at all,” she said.

The deputy added that he felt harmed “politically, professionally and personally by the assembly.” He also said that it caused “obvious moral damage” to him and his family, given the “seriousness of comparing him” to a Nazi of the SS and that he put him in the target of any “enlightened” who wanted to act against him. David Arranz recalled that he has 16,500 followers on Twitter and that he has sometimes been “wrong”, such as when he was forced to withdraw a tweet in which he encouraged young people to “self-defense”.

The defense attorney for the CHA charge relied on freedom of expression and in the public dimension subject to criticism that he has a political position, in addition to the fact that, he said, it was a humorous satirical ‘meme’, and he requested the acquittal of his client.

The prosecutor does not accuse Ceresuelaalthough in his brief report he reproached him that, as a public official, he should have thought “not once, but twice” before, what he published. Arranz’s lawyer explained that freedom of expression has limits and does not protect the right to insult. He stated that Nazism, with all its deaths and atrocities, “cannot be trivialized or be the subject of jokes or pranks in order to disqualify a public office in office” and requested a fine of 3,600 euros and compensation of 10,000.

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