They create a free psychological helpline for women and mothers

The Association Yo No Renuncio has announced this Thursday the launch of a psychological helpline, open 24 hours a day and designed to ensure the mental health of women and mothers.

In the presentation of the ‘Yo Me Cuido’ phone, the president of the association that forms part of the Malasmadres Club, Laura Baena, explained that the service tries to facilitate women’s access to professional psychological care so that they learn to “take care of themselves in order to be able to take care” and “not forget themselves”.

Baena has indicated that they realized the need for the project when they saw that, according to an investigation by the Club Malasmadres in which 10,000 women participated, six out of ten said they had not asked a psychologist for help despite admitting that they needed it.

Other data also alerted the Yo Me Cuido Association: according to their studies, in January 2020 95% of women spent less time taking care of themselves since becoming a mother and in July 2020, 86% of Spanish women felt apathetic, sad or unmotivated.

“We studied what were the barriers that prevented women from accessing this care and we saw that are the lack of money, of time and the shame of what they will say”, explained the president of the association.

To eliminate these obstacles, Baena has ensured that a team of 25 professional psychologists, with an average age of 42 years, will be available to users at any time of the day to provide medical assistance to those who have problems such as anxiety, separations, bereavement, accidents, anorexia, bulimia, addictions or drug addiction.

“For example, when motherhood arrives, women enter into an existential crisis that makes their world wobble and we do not have at hand the necessary tools to deal with these situations”, has continued.

The psychologist Laura Rojas-Marcos also took part in the presentation, who has defended psychological assistance as a “pillar” of society and that services such as the ‘I take care of myself’ telephone are essential to promote “help, generosity and self-esteem”.

For her part, the communicator Tania Llasera highlighted that “Only a mentally healthy mother can raise a mentally healthy human”, therefore, the psychological care telephone number is “a ray of light in the darkness of the maternity days where you see no way out”.

In order to access the service, users must previously register on the website and call the indicated telephone number free of charge. where they can be attended by the group of psychologists.

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