The National Police arrest a man who stole laundries from all over Spain, including Zaragoza

The National Police has arrested in Madrid a man who specialized in robbing laundries throughout Spain, including Zaragoza, after an investigation that began in Ciudad Real, after last October 2021 he committed two robberies in establishments of this type of the Ciudad Real capital.

As reported this Thursday in a press release by the Provincial Police Station of the Ciudad Real National Police, the investigation that was launched after the commission of these two robberies, with similar characteristics, allowed to identify the author, who turned out to be a “qualified criminal”, who continually changed locations to commit crimes.

The way of operating of the offender, his itinerant nature and the vehicle used in his travels, allowed the location and arrest in the Villa de Vallecas district of Madrid of the alleged perpetrator of the robberies, who has already has been brought before the judicial authority

The National Police has added that the detainee had numerous criminal records for similar acts, and in addition, the investigation that has been carried out for his arrest has determined that he had also acted in Cáceres, Granada, León, Madrid, Valladolid, Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) and Zaragoza.

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