The Late Motiv band, a luxury sextet at the Rock & Blues Café

Andreu Buenafuente said in his long-awaited program ‘Late Motiv’ that it was “the best band on television, of course there is no other”. The formation was born in 2016 at the request of the presenter to liven up his ‘late night’ with live music and, beyond the small screen, the Late Motiv band continues to show that it is a kind of ‘Rat Pack’ of rock and ‘ rhythm and blues’. Tonight (9:00 pm) they perform in Zaragoza in a venue whose name suits them like a tailored suit, Rock & Blues.

in the military group Pablo Novova, who, in addition to guitar, holds the position of artistic director; litus, voice and second guitar; the bass player Mac Hernandez; Luis Maria Moreno ‘Pirate’, on winds and percussion; Coke Saints, to battery; and Santi Comet, from Zaragoza, on keyboards. All of them have an extensive career and have worked with artists of the stature of Enrique Bunbury, Dani Martín, Iván Ferreiro, Manolo García, Kase.O, Zahara, Raphael, Loquillo or Ana Belén, among many others.

In their concert tonight they will go over rock, r&b, soul classics and a wide range of musical styles, represented by groups such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Wilson Picket, Otis Redding or michael jackson

Buenafuente’s program brought together these music heavyweights to form a group that understands each other perfectly and enjoys each of their performances. “We feel very lucky and it’s nice to experience that point of continuity. When we were told that ‘Late Motive’ ended, we were very clear that the band would endure, that we wanted to continue doing concerts and projects together, “says Litus.

a fancy band

The singer of the group remembers a phrase that one day Mac Hernández said: «Having a rock band and being able to play with these people is a luxury». “We all feel very lucky to be able to do it,” adds Litus. Because a rock band is not always about bringing together musicians to play. Something special has to come up, there has to be a fat that unites everything. And that doesn’t always happen. I think that in our case it has happened.

Since the end of the program ‘Late Motive’ at Movistar+ last December, the group has not stopped touring various Spanish cities with notable success. «The truth is that the concerts fill up and we are very happy. After the program and with this tour we have found a way to express ourselves with which we feel very comfortable », he adds.

The group offers a ‘show’ that starts from the ‘rhythm and blues’, «which is a bit the essence of this band, although later we have opened up to a thousand moves, also taking into account that in the television program we joined in the gags and whatever was needed –he recalls–. But from a strictly musical point of view, it is a band that was born with that ‘rhythm and blues’ point of view and it is something that we have kept when it comes to facing live, although later we are moving towards soul and rock».

It’s guaranteed, but in case anyone has any doubts, tonight’s concert “will be a lot of fun. There will be a lot of self-confidence, a lot of dancing, moments of improvisation and even madness, “he advances litus, who also shortly begins a solo tour to present his latest album that “surely yes” will pass through Zaragoza.

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