The judge sends two of the nine arrested for the Pleitas crime to prison

The judge in charge of investigating the case for the Pleitas crime has decided to send three of the nine detainees to prison. Specifically, the three men to whom the Prosecutor’s Office attributes material responsibility or co-authorship of the murder of Javier GT, 45 years old, committed on October 2 in the Zaragoza town of Pleitas.

the other six arrested have been released provisionally as accessoriesin some cases, or as alleged perpetrators of crimes of theft and belonging to a criminal organization. As announced by HERALDO, they are all linked by family ties and most have a history of robberies.

The events occurred in the early hours of October 2. The day before, a group of eight people had tried to enter the hemp plantation with the more than probable intention of stealing the newly harvested crop. However, one of the thieves was caught off guard and the gang called off the raid. The security guard notified the owner, who went to the scene with the Civil Guard.

After these events, Javier GT stayed at the plantation for the night. The man had the bad luck that the criminals returned again and the next day He was found inside his van, shot dead.

On March 1, the Civil Guard, After five months of investigation, surveillance and wiretapping, decided to complete the operation by simultaneously arresting the nine people and searching their homes. He succeeded in the case of eight of them while a ninth showed up in the afternoon at the Benemérita barracks.

The judge keeps the summary secret that he decreed as soon as he knew about the matter, so the lawyers of those involved advised them not to testify before the investigators as they had no record of the specific facts that they attributed to each of them. On the morning of this Thursday they have been brought to justice.

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