“The decisions made by the Royal House will have our support and respect”

The spokeswoman for the Popular Group in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, has assured this Thursday in relation to the return to Spain of the emeritus king, after the Prosecutor’s Office has filed the investigation proceedings into his fortune, that the decisions made by the Royal House they will have the “support” and “respect” of the PP.

“The decisions that the Royal House makes are the decisions of the Royal House that They will have our support and our absolute respect,” Gamarra has declared in an interview on TVE, which has been collected by Europa Press, when expressly asked if he believes that after that decision by the Prosecutor’s Office, the king emeritus should immediately return to Spain.

Gamarra has expressed the “maximum respect” of the Popular Party for the decisions that are being taken at the moment and has highlighted the role that Don Juan Carlos I “has had in the construction of democracy”. “I think we should never forget or ignore it,” he said.

The return of the King Emeritus to Spain from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where he settled in August 2020, is a little closer after the decision of the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office to file the open proceedings against Don Juan Carlos. will have to be now Zarzuela and the Government who decide when and under what conditions it is produced.

Since it was announced on August 3, 2020 that he was leaving Spain, the former monarch has taken advantage of all the opportunities that have arisen, mainly through friends who have visited him in Abu Dhabi or with whom keep talking on the phone to make known his desire to be able to return.

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