The Civil Guard intervenes two pistols but not the shotgun used in the Pleitas crime

Five months of investigations and wiretaps have allowed the Civil Guard to reach the conclusion that at least two of the nine detainees for the Pleitas crime were the ones who perpetrated the ambush that cost the life of Javier GT, 45, on October 2. However, the searches carried out during the early hours of last Tuesday at various addresses in Zaragoza and Bárboles have not served to locate the shotgun with which they killed the Valencian living in Mallén who guarded the robbed industrial hemp plantation in Pleitas. Apparently, two pistols were found in one of the houses, but the nature of the injuries presented by the victim makes it necessary to rule out their use in the crime.

The Zaragoza Command continues without providing information on the case, since the head of the Investigating Court number 2 has decreed the secrecy of the summary. However, as HERALDO has learned, the investigators already seem to be clear about who the material authors of the deadly ambush were. It would be MC and SB, who, in addition to the crimes of belonging to a criminal organization and theft, are attributed a third party of homicide.

It should be remembered that it was a cyclist who ran into the car around 8:30 where the victim’s body was found. The vehicle was about 200 meters from the Pleitas village, inside a ditch. The body of the deceased occupied the driver’s seat and was wearing a seat belt, which suggests that someone made him stop and then shot him.. And this came hours after a group of about eight people was foiled in their attempt to steal the marijuana that this man was guarding.

Neither of the two alleged material authors of the crime wanted to testify about what happened before the Benemérita, so we will have to wait to see if they break their silence when they appear before the magistrate who is processing the case. At first, everything indicates that his interrogation and that of the rest of the detainees will take place throughout this Thursday.

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