Some thirty entities will march in the Cincomarzada against social cuts and sexist policies

After a blank year due to the coronavirus, the neighborhoods and entities of the third sector will once again have the opportunity this Saturday to make their main demands heard in the heart of the city. 33 groups will participate in the Cincomarzada of 2022, the most demanding party in Zaragoza, to cry out, among other issues, against cuts in social services and sexist policies and to insist on old requests, such as the east-west transport line. The Federation of Neighborhood Associations (FABZ) and the City Council presented the program this Thursday, which includes concerts and children’s activities under a motto that invites them to resurface little by little from the nightmare of the pandemic.

The celebration will start at 11 in the Plaza del Pilar, where the traditional march of the neighborhoods will begin, which will cross the Puente de Piedra towards the Parque del Tío Jorge. On the tour, as explained by the vice president of the entity, Rafael Tejedor, will have the participation of 18 big heads, with one from the comparsa of each district. Upon arrival, around 12:00, a joint manifesto with the demands of the participants will be read on the stage installed on the basketball court. The brief will also include petitions such as the pedestrianization of the Historic Quarter, the construction of a nursery school in Arcosur and a civic center in Parque Goya, the renovation of sidewalks in the rural neighborhood of San Gregorio or the cleaning of lots in La Jota, among others. a long list.

The entire event will count, as has already been explained these days, with security measures against the coronavirus. The hotel spaces will be limited and the capacity will be controlled, which may not exceed 1,300 people. Meanwhile, in the rest of the park access will be free, although initially there was also talk of restricting it, so the main challenge will be to prevent crowds from forming. In this sense, just as the mayor, Jorge Azcón, did before, Tejedor has called for citizen responsibility. he has asked “patience and caution” to access the enclosed spaces -there will be three bars in total- and has recalled that the mask will have to be worn whenever interpersonal distance cannot be maintained.

On this occasion, the participating entities will not be able to offer food and drink but, as indicated, they will set up information or merchandising stands. There will be a total of 38 that will be placed along the main promenade of the park. All in all, under the motto ‘Let’s get the party back, let’s get the city back’, the intention of the organizers is, as explained by Tejedor, that this celebration serve as a starting point for a progressive return to the situation prior to the pandemic. “We want to collect, on the one hand, the need for this rapid recovery of the city, both socially and economically, and on the other, the vitality and joy that comes with being able to carry out leisure and cultural events in the open air”, he indicated.

For his part, the Councilor for Participation, Javier Rodrigo, explained that this year 45,000 euros to the organization of the event, more than on other occasions due to the special circumstances. The mayor, who has also appealed to “responsibility”, has predicted that the party will be “very successful”. “In compliance with all the requirements, we have designed spaces to be able to celebrate it in complete safety”, he pointed out.

The activities

During the day, there will be brass bands, musical performances and activities for the little ones. After reading the manifesto, at 12.30 Lola Mississipi and Country Line Zaragoza will take to the main stage to star in ‘Countrymarzada’. At lunchtime, the Detroit brass band will liven up the paths of the park and the music will continue in the afternoon, starting at 4:00 p.m., first with the Arrabal Big Band concert and later, to close the evening, with the Mambo Party until 6:30 p.m., the time the celebration is scheduled to end.

In addition to the main stage, which will be located on the basketball court, the Cincomarzada will also have children’s programming on the rooftop of the Tío Jorge civic center. With capacity for 250 people, the Instant Inventions Workshop will be held at 12:00.

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