Russian bombing destroys an entire village of 600 inhabitants in Ukraine

Russian bombing has completely destroyed Yakovlivka, a village of 600 inhabitants in the Kharkov regionin eastern Ukraine, according to the general prosecutor’s office quoted by Suspline Tv.

According to the public broadcasting company of Ukraine, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Kharkov region said that the bombing “destroyed the entire village, that is, 45 houses, 21 of which were completely destroyed”.

As a result of the Russian attack three people diedincluding one soldier and two civilians, and 24 were injured.

Around midnight yesterday, the occupiers carried out an air attack on the village, located about five kilometers from Merefa.

There were 600 inhabitants in the village, who it lacks military installations or important infrastructure.

In this locality there was a school, a kindergarten, a club, a dispensary and two shops.

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