Russia says it has “no doubts” that “a solution will be found” to end the war in Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stressed on Thursday that during the day there will be contacts with Ukraine to try to reach an agreement and added that “has no doubt” that “a solution will be found” to put an end to the conflict unleashed on February 24.

“Of course a solution will be found, I have no doubts. The conditions, minimal for us, are well known. They will be discussed, also in negotiations with the Ukrainian side. It happened in Gomel and it will happen today,” he said, according to the Russian news agency TASS.

Likewise, he pointed out that the Ukrainian delegation receives instructions from the United States and has criticized that “it found reasons to postpone the negotiations”, initially scheduled for Wednesday. “They receive instructions from Washington, there is no doubt. That country is totally dependent,” she argued.

Lavrov has also pointed out that the situation in Ukraine “is not a Hollywood action movie” and that “there is no absolute evil and absolute good”, while arguing that “The real killers fight on the side of the Kiev regime.” In this sense, he has pointed out that “Nazis” are receiving training “in urban guerrilla” by the Ukrainian authorities.

The first round of negotiations took place on February 28 in the Belarusian region of Gomel, near the border with Ukraine. After the meeting on that occasion, the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelensky, regretted not having found the desired results in Moscow to end the conflict.

On the other hand, Lavrov has been convinced that “the hysteria will end” and Russia will enter into talks with Western countries. “We are always ready for dialogue with one essential condition: that it be based on equality, respect and consideration of the interests of each of the parties”, he explained.

“I am sure that the world is listening to Russia. It is difficult to say how much it listens to us,” he argued, before showing his condolences for the death of civilians and soldiers during the conflict in Ukraine, according to the Russian news agency Interfax. .

“Being frank, It’s very bad when people die whether they are military personnel or even more if they are civilians, women and children, as has happened during the eight years of war in Donbas and as is happening now during our special operation,” he said.

In this way, the Russian Foreign Minister has emphasized that the goal of the offensive is “to put an end to any war that may take place on Ukrainian territory.” Finally, he has criticized the sanctions imposed by Western countries and has said that they are “similar to a tax on independence” from Russia.

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