Putin assures that the “special operation” in Ukraine is going according to “the plan” planned

Russian President Vladimir Putin assured on Thursday that the “special operation” in Ukraine It is proceeding according to “the planned plan”, a week after the beginning of the aggression on Ukrainian territory.

“The special operation is being carried out according to the deadlines set out in the plan. All missions are running successfully“Putin assured during a meeting of the Security Council, the Russian agency reports.

The head of the Kremlin has also called for the union of the Russian people, to whom has asked to support all those families who have lost some of their members “on the battlefield fighting for homeland security.”

During this meeting with the high command of the Armed Forces, Putin has denounced that “Ukrainian nationalists” have been taking foreign citizens “hostage”, including “thousands of students”.

Among these students would be about 3,200, most of them from India, who, according to Putin, were held for more than 24 hours at a Kharkov train station. “Many of them are still being held. Neo-Nazis opened fire on Chinese students, two of them were injured.”has assured.

“Hundreds of foreigners try to leave the combat zones, but they are not allowed to do so and are kept as hostages”Putin insisted, accusing “Ukrainian nationalists and international mercenaries” of using the local population as “human shields.”

Meanwhile, this Thursday Russia and Ukraine have concluded the second round of negotiations that have been carried out in Belarus, agreeing to establish a series of humanitarian corridors for evacuations and the delivery of food and medicine, as well as the promise to meet again “early”.

In this regard, Putin has assured that the Russian military is setting up corridors “in all conflict zones without exception” and that it is “the nationalists” who “do not allow this to be done”.

These statements by Putin have been given in parallel to a new press conference by the Ukrainian president, Volodomir Zelenski, in which he has asked his counterpart in the Kremlin to sit down to negotiate, requesting that Russian troops leave Ukrainian territory. “What do you want from us? Get out of our country,” he said..

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