Poland rules out sending troops to Ukraine and stresses that “it does not intend to participate in the war”

The President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, has stressed that Warsaw does not plan to send troops to Ukraine to support the Ukrainian Army in the face of the Russian invasion, which began on February 24 by order of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and has stated that “Poland does not intend to participate in the war.”

“Polish soldiers will not go to war and I firmly believe that they will not have to fight,” Duda said after a meeting of the Polish National Security Council. “Of course, if we had to defend our country, we will defend it, but there are no indications that we are going to be attacked,” he explained.

He also recalled that Poland is part of the NATO and has stressed that “if any of the countries of the Alliance were attacked, it would ‘de facto’ imply a world war”, although it has reiterated that “Currently there is no probability that such a situation could occur.”

Duda has also pointed out that the Polish Parliament and the authorities are working to Ukrainian “help refugees” fleeing the fighting, At the same time, it has been favorable to Ukraine’s efforts to be admitted to the European Union (EU), according to the Polish news agency PAP.

“I hope that it will be resolved in favor of Ukraine,” said the Polish president, who has argued that this act would “boost morale” of the Ukrainian population and their “pro-Western leadership, which they defend today with their own blood.”

On the other hand, it has confirmed that there are currently around 10,000 US soldiers deployed in the country and has opted for “strengthen” the Polish Army with the purchase of “the most modern weapons” so that “they can carry out their task of defending the homeland to the best of their ability, if necessary”.

Duda has also called on politicians to maintain an “absolute unity”, before the possibility of “various types of attacks, mainly through propaganda”. “Means are being used and will be used to underestimate us, confront us and make us increase anxiety in our society,” he concluded.

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