“People of the world… Hello from Lviv”

The Spanish chef José Andrés, who runs the NGO World Central Kitchen (WCK), has arrived in the Ukrainian city of Lviv, in the west of the country, to distribute food to refugees arriving at train stations and other public facilities in the city.

“People of the world… Hello from Lviv (Lviv) in the Ukraine. Let me introduce you to one of our amazing restaurants @WCKitchen here!” explains José Andrés in the video he posted on his Twitter profile, in which he makes a visit to the Ukrainian establishment that has lent its kitchens to help your NGO.

“Chef Mike and his team are cooking amazing meals… making shipments several times a day to the train station, shelters and more in Lviv! Heroes! #ChefsPorUcrania”, adds the popular Spanish chef established in the United States.

The chef narrates that the city of Lviv is currently experiencing a quiet momentwithout Russian attacks, which allows the distribution of food to be carried out more normally among the needy, which is based on dishes cooked with rice and pork and beef.

José Andrés assures that the menus are distributed from two hundred to two hundred and that the kitchens, which have a great team of volunteers, they work 24 hours so that these menus immediately reach their recipients “as fresh as possible”.

He says he feels sad about the many women and children who have taken refuge in that cityjust an hour and a half drive from the Polish border, fleeing from the Russian bombs and attacks that have ravaged Ukraine since February 24.

“People do not want to flee Ukraine, people really want to live here“, indicates the cook at another point in the video, before introducing the owner of the restaurant, whom he already considers “his best Ukrainian friend”, for the help he is providing to his NGO.

“Right now everyone in the world is ukrainianI am Ukrainian, the world is Ukrainian”, says the chef to the owner of the premises, of whom he says he is “particularly proud”.

He hopes that this aid will serve so that “these dark hours” that Ukraine is going through can ease a little, trusting in see soon “the light at the end of the tunnel” What has this tragedy become?

José Andrés announced a few days ago that more than 40 tons of humanitarian aid would leave Madrid for the Rzeszów-Jasionka airport, in southeastern Poland and 90 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, with logistics material for the establishment of field kitchens belonging to the World Central Kitchen.

The cargo includes stoves, isothermal equipment to keep food warm, industrial-size paella pans, lunch boxes and kitchenware that the volunteers will use when cooking.

The Spanish chef’s NGO has been on the border between Ukraine and Poland since last week to feed people who are leaving the country attacked by the Russian government of President Vladimir Putin.

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