Pasta and cocktails go hand in hand in Zaragoza in a special menu at La Parthénope

Dining on different fresh pastas and accompanying them with the cocktails that, due to flavor and aroma, best suit them, is a more than suggestive plan. And that is why the three promoters of the parthenope (Calle Verónica, 16, Zaragoza) -Ángela Simonetti, Massimiliano Buganza and Augusto Alois- have set out to configure a tasting menu in which four dishes that go beyond the usual menu go hand in hand with five reinterpreted combinations.

“When we planned to open the premises, we knew that we did not want it to be an Italian restaurant like the ones that are usually launched in Spain, but rather that it go a little further,” says Ángela, who has recently completed specialized training in cocktails. The young woman will apply this new knowledge in the menu. In fact, the last of the alcoholic passes -which, as is logical, will have a moderate size- is a version of the Negroni: smoked with the smoke of the beech that burns in the stone oven and with the spicy touch provided by the amaro, a type of herbal liqueur.

The initiative opens this Thursday the 3rd, both during dinner hours and at noon and only by reservation, and will be repeated once a month. “Our idea -explains the Neapolitan- is to go one step further when it comes to promoting the cuisine of our country and offering a more complete gastronomic experience. We are very happy with how the restaurant is working since we opened it two years ago, just when the pandemic began, but we had wanted to make the typical drinks known for a long time as well.”

The menu, which is priced at 40 euros, starts with a spritz with vermouth and ginger essence. The drink is accompanied by fried pasta (caserecce and lasagnette), cuttlefish nero gnochetti in sea bass and saffron sauce. Another liquid pass is based on ten-year-old rum and a third starts with a gin. Among other dishes, the cocoa, walnut and gorgonzola tagliatelle passes and the brandy prawns with straciatella and pistachios stand out. The dessert, delizia al limone con marraschino, has Neapolitan origins.

In addition to this monthly initiative, at La Parthénope they want to leave a fixed cocktail menu. “A pizza or a pasta dish does not always have to be taken with a beer or a wine, it can also be accompanied with a cocktail. I think it is an idea that is going to catch on little by little. And that we are committed to having more and more wines and an authentic Italian beer, but that does not mean that we cannot expand the offer”, considers Ángela.

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