Not even the rain consoles us

It rains in Aragon and it is the only positive news of the day; an escape route from this uncertain reality to which a satrap drags us who plays dice for the future of the planet. The desperate flight of the Ukrainians and their Numantine resistance to the Russian tanks awaken the West from its peaceful sleep that prevented him from assessing the risk of leaving the nuclear button in Putin’s hands.

The state of shock caused by the invasion, with sirens announcing bombings, bunkers in the subway, militias and buildings in ruins andclipsa, for now, the fear of the serious crisis that is upon us._But it will come, and it is expected that President Pedro Sánchez announces an economic and social plan so urgently when we have only been fighting for a week.

With a runaway CPI (7.4%), unknown for 30 years, and an escalation in the price of gas that will trigger the electricity price to 341 euros per megawatt hour, there is no reason for joy. While Putin bombs Europe’s granary and leaves us without grain, Sánchez He proposes that we accept that our wages be moderated and that companies reduce their profitss so that prices shoot up a little less. As if the rent agreement to which it urges us was not already consolidated and amortized.

The covid is contained but the war arrives. Green Europe looks at coal and from the countryside they remember that hunger is not fought with ecology but with more production. So black are the clouds that threaten our future that not even the four drops that have fallen console us.

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