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The President of the Government rectifies and announces, just two days after saying the opposite, that Spain will deliver offensive military material to Ukraine. It is an announcement that once again strains relations in the Executive because Podemos rejects it despite the support of Vice President Yolanda Díaz, the main institutional position of the purple formation. In any case, this is above all an internal problem of United We Can. The important thing is that, in the face of a brutal aggression against a sovereign country and a very serious violation of international law, Spain plays the role that corresponds to it in defense of legality together with its European and transatlantic partners.

The turn of Pedro Sánchez, who on Monday defended sending weapons only through the European mechanism and who this Wednesday announced in the Congress of Deputies the direct shipment of “offensive military material to the Ukrainian resistance”, is consistent with the firm position of most European countries. It is about trying to compensate for the enormous military imbalance between the invaded democracy and the invading dictatorship. The Government must react to Vladimir Putin’s challenge in coordination with the EU, with the agreement of the central parties in the governance of Spain and with the loyal support of the autonomous communities.

The change in the initial position of Spain, which was one of the few European countries that had not committed to unilaterally sending weapons to repel the aggression of the Russian troops, serves to reinforce the message of firmness and unity that the EU is sending to the Kremlin. This unity of the West is one of the fundamental elements in the crisis generated by Putin. It is a priority that this union, which has so upset Moscow and worried Beijing, persists in the face of the challenges that it will have to continue facing.

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