Losing sight to see what really matters

lose sight for an hour may be enough to see what really matters. This is the objective behind the initiative that the Ilunion Romareda hotel proposes each month to a group of businessmen and public workers to raise awareness of the challenges that people with blindness or severe visual impairment face on a daily basis. A mask, a ladder and a breakfast are enough to verify that a priori actions as simple as going down a step or cutting a piece of pineapple are not so simple when the world ‘turns off’.

National police, health and journalists, among other groups, were able to verify it yesterday. His first ‘mission’ was to go down the stairs of the hotel to go outside, a simple task that aroused the first insecurities.

It was only six steps, but, with a blindfold, even a ‘trifle’ like this commands respect. Each one had their guide; a friendly arm to hold on to and that, for many, was indispensable. “When a blindness is gradual, the person has it easier to acquire the necessary skills, but those who suddenly go blind lack training, making it much more complex,” they explained to the attendees.

Having breakfast blindfolded was not easy either. When it came to eating, the instructions were clear. “Think of the plate as a clock. At 12:00 you have a cake, at 3:00 there is a ham sandwich and at 6:00, a piece of fresh cheese with quince”, they indicated. But Going from theory to practice and trying to locate the food or add sugar to the coffee, it was seen that the challenge was not minor.

Experiences like these are intended to show the need to adapt these and other spaces to people with disabilities and emphasize the importance of incorporating them into the labor market. At Ilunion Romareda, Up to 40% of the workforce has some type of disability. The hotel, awarded for hosting health workers in the worst weeks of the pandemic, also has a universal accessibility certificate. “Small gestures, such as changing the color of the carpet to indicate that you are in front of an elevator, can be of help”, explained its director, José Antonio Palau.

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