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Making the purchase online

My wife and I are very “old but not stupid”, and we had the idea of ​​ordering the weekly purchase online to have it delivered to our house.

We take it easy, we sit down in front of the computer and, walking between the two of us, we follow the steps indicated on the screen with exemplary precision. Everything went perfectly, it was entertaining and even gratifying to discover where each genre was, throw it in the basket… in short, follow all the instructions and overcome them. We closed the operation and we only had to pay and that was when the matter got complicated. With the card in our hands, we were ready to give all the numbers that the computer asked us, but it asked us for one that we did not know: the number of the signature? What was that? We called the bank and they kindly informed us: “Do you have the envelope in which we gave you the secret number to withdraw money from the ATM? Well, it’s not that number but a longer one below it.” Miraculously I found the famous envelope and the long number was there. We included it in its place and when we already thought that everything was solved… another unknown number was still missing! We call the supermarket: “We need a rare number to pay for an order we just made.” “I inform you -he said very courteously-, that number will be given to you by your bank by means of a mobile message”. We looked for the cell phone and indeed the number was there. We put it in the document, but alas, it had expired. Patience, you could ask again, and another, and another… but when we managed to put it in the many times we tried, it had already expired. It was like for the biblical paralytic to get into the pool of Bethesda at the moment when the waters moved; in view of which we decided to wait for one of our grandchildren to perform the miracle.

Juan Jose Oscar Flaquer. SARAGOSSA

The Church and Celibacy

Pope Francis, in a new turn towards the immobility of the Catholic Church, advocates maintaining celibacy for priests and nuns. John Paul II, longed for by many, said that he would be suppressed, but not in his pontificate. The theologian Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) barely touched on the subject. We will have to wait – or perhaps despair – for fresh air to finally enter between the Vatican walls. It is a widely held opinion that pederasty and sexual abuse in the Church have as one of their causes, not close but remote, the maintenance of medieval celibacy, in force since the eleventh century of our era. Neither Jesus of Nazareth nor the early Christians suppressed human love, but rather extolled it. If you, Pope Francis, claim to be the Vicar of Christ on Earth, do not hinder anyone from loving and giving themselves to others in the way they feel best. Human love and love for God do not contradict each other, they harmonize and complete. There are enough barriers and exclusions in the world, open doors instead of closing them. The Catholic Church, as proclaimed by the Second Vatican Council, must dialogue with society, and forever forget command and control. God created love, and there we all fit, rich and poor, good and bad, healthy and sick. Without any discrimination.

Miguel Breton Vallejo. SARAGOSSA

Access to the body of teachers

On February 9, the Official Gazette of Aragon (BOA) published the rules that will govern the process to elect new teachers in Aragon. 658 places were announced, which are presumably the necessary ones, but 12% of them are reserved to attend to different circumstances. These are for personnel who have certain peculiarities, disabilities, are victims of terrorism, suffer violence or have a sexual or gender particularity. If this quota of reservations is not covered, their places go to the next call, with which there is the possibility that for the corresponding course not all the places, those calculated as necessary, will be covered. There is another aspect that catches my attention. All the contestants who aspire to the reserve places must duly justify the alleged circumstance by means of an official document, except for a group, for which a sworn statement from the applicant attesting to such circumstance is sufficient, being also protected by law from any attempt to investigate the truth of the statement. Apparently we are facing discrimination, even if it is called positive, since it can lead to picaresque on the part of someone, who, with a simple sworn statement and an approved scraping, can occupy a position in front of someone who has made an effort and obtained more marks. Furthermore, disabled people are required to provide a functional capacity report, that is, a double check. Perhaps the excess of protection for a tiny minority ends up causing greater damage to the generality. On the other hand, it will be interesting to read in detail the report announced by a union on the situation of teachers in Aragon.

Luciano Ibáñez Dobón. Saragossa

in Europe square

The right-hand lane of Pablo Gargallo street ends at Plaza de Europa with a mandatory right turn. The vehicle that circulates in said lane must necessarily turn towards Calle de los Diputados. I do not know if the horizontal signs need improvement, but it is the case that there are quite a few vehicles that continue towards the Paseo de María Agustín. I have had to brake several times to avoid colliding with them. It would be good to improve the signaling or penalize those who endanger those of us who circulate in our lane. On the other hand, great care must be taken at the pedestrian crossings located at the end of Paseo de María Agustín, since cyclists and skaters, who have their own lane, circulate along the zebra crossings avoiding pedestrians.

Juan Antonio Pena Gonzalvo. SARAGOSSA

The grant to the Labordeta Foundation

Withdrawing the contribution from those who maintain the legacy of José Antonio Labordeta, an Aragonese who fought for the freedom of this land, seems to me to be disrespectful, a provocation, knowing that Mr. Azcón, with his parallel structure in Urbanism and the advisers who there are in the City Council placed by hand, it adds up much more than the 40,000 euros that said foundation received. Of course it was a demand from the far-right party, Vox. I wonder if subsidies to the Church, the AVT or foundations of assassinated politicians will also be withdrawn. I think they are not aware of what the figure of Labordeta means for Aragon. Citizens will take it into account in upcoming elections.

Jose Miguel Viu Ferrer. SARAGOSSA

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