La Puebla de Alfindén will condition its parks and new leisure areas

La Puebla de Alfindén has proposed for this 2022 to certify all its parks as safe, as well as to continue preparing leisure areas and expanding green areas for the enjoyment of citizens.

The certification of the parks as safe is included in the 2022 budget since different actions will have to be carried out to fix the facilities so that their good condition can be certified later.

The Councilor for Public Services, Raquel Borruecos, states that “in Spain there are hardly any certified parks and those that exist are very specific cases such as, for example, those that are newly created.” She adds that “municipalities that have all certified parks really do not exist.” Thus, La Puebla wants to be “a pioneer in this sense.” Of the 11 parks that La Puebla has, repairs are going to be carried out in 7 of them.

These actions respond to a citizen demand because “there are quite a few small complaints” that arrive either through instances or through the Green Line application that allows direct communication between neighbors and the council. “For example, we receive complaints that a screw is missing in a calisthenics park or that the rubber floor is deteriorated in another park”, explains Borruecos. For this reason, “we wanted to resolve this issue at once and give us peace of mind for a certain time, fixing everything and for this reason we have prepared a budget item for this”, he adds.

Beatriz A. is a resident of La Puebla de Alfindén and assures that she usually takes her three-year-old daughter “to all the parks in La Puebla, although some are better maintained than others.” Regarding the aspects that she likes least about the municipal parks, Beatriz points out that “some of the floors that are rubber have holes and busted and, like it not, the boys stumble when they play and it is dangerous”. He also affirms that in other parks where there is sand, crystals and dirt are often found and he laments the obscene graffiti that sometimes shows off slides and toy houses.

This neighbor is delighted that the council is preparing to improve the state of the parks: “I think it is wonderful and wonderful that they are going to fix them because I am very grateful to have parks in the municipality. and it would be nice if they kept better.” He also considers it necessary to “delimit the parks since some are near the road and fences could be put around them for the peace of mind of parents.”

The certification review work will begin in the coming weeks and will be carried out as follows: “First the inspection is carried out, then they send us a report on what we have to repair to the town hall. That inspection has validity of 6 months in which we have to repair what they have told us is in poor condition, place a sign that indicates the proper functioning of the facilities and then they carry out a review again and they issue us the certification, “explains the councilor.

The aspects that will be evaluated in order to issue the safety certification include: “the state of the swings, the anchors, the painting, that there is no paint or splinters that can damage the skin and that the floor has adequate weights to cushion falls”, the councilor breaks down. Attention will also be paid to ensuring that it is correctly marked how each swing must be used and for which people it is intended. This is important because “sometimes things deteriorate because you don’t know how to use them,” says Borruecos.

The Department of Public Services has also begun to work on the pump track project, which consists of a leisure-sports space for cycling and other sports so that both children and adults can enjoy it. “Both the construction of the pump track and a beach volleyball court are being studied, but we don’t know if there will be time to execute everything in 2022 because there are still procedures,” explains the councilor.

Recently, the council has also installed some Colored sail awnings in the Parque Lineal to guarantee soft shade in the hottest months of the year. In addition, and with the aim of making them safer spaces, the floor of the Parque de la Ermita has been changed, a damaged swing on Calle Depósitos and the damage to the Parque Lineal will soon be fixed so that all the parks in the municipality can be certified .

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