Juan Mora, from Zaragoza in Ukraine: “Whatever happens, we are not going to reblar”

This Thursday, March 3, he leaves the Ukrainian city where he currently resides, Truskatevs -on the border with Poland-, to collaborate in a humanitarian aid NGO in Lviv, west of Kiev. He is 47 years old, was born in Buenos Aires but moved to the province of Zaragoza with his family when he was a baby.

He lived as a child in La Almunia, Daroca and Ricla for short periods of time until his family moved to the Aragonese capital. Since 2010 he resides in Ukraine. It is the freelance photographer Juan Facundo Mora, who has decided to leave everything to help in a war “that We don’t know how it’s going to end but it’s not going to break us”.

It’s not the first time he’s done it. This “300% handyman and Aragonese”, as he defines himself, he was already part of a group of civilian volunteers of the Ukrainian NGO Birni Narodu of humanitarian aid in the Dombas war in 2014. “I cannot sit idly by in the face of this situation. I returned to Ukraine three weeks ago from Zaragoza, where I went to visit my mother and in the end I spent more days than expected because I contracted covid. I’m back because I feel like I have to help“, says John.

Until now he worked as a photographer, but before leaving Aragón, he studied Administration and was a soldier in the Aalog 41, in Zaragoza. “Because of my profession I had to be in Bosnia and Kosovo. Now I don’t see myself with a gunmy intention is to help in another way, but if that were the case i don’t know what i would do“, assures Mora.

Juan Facundo says that “whenever he can” he returns to Aragón, but his life is in Ukraine since in 2010 he made a tourist trip through that country. “I liked it so much that I decided to stay for a couple of months and that’s when I met my ex-wife. I change my life“, explains the photographer from Zaragoza. Since then, his place of residence has always been Lviv, a city where his ex-wife and son are now of 10 years.

“They lived in Kiev until the first day of the Russian invasion. They moved there four years ago because my son has a medium level of autism and in the Ukrainian capital there were better therapies. With the first Russian bombardments they escaped to Lviv. They are safer there,” says the photographer.

“It is a city like Zaragoza, more or less, attached to Poland. For now, they are calm. The Russians would have to traverse the entire country to get there.. If that happened, the situation would be complicated for everyone,” says the man from Zaragoza.

“In fact, my work there, in principle, will be help those who want to leave the country and bring water, diapers, clothes to those who most need it… The most essential things so that they can continue living“, says Mora, who adds that “like all of us who live here, unfortunately, we know people who are having a very bad time.”I have some friends who live in Donetsk – occupied by the Russians – of whom I only know that they are alive. Your city is literally torn apart“.

“We have to fight, it’s what I’ve decided and I’m going to do from now on”. “A volunteer friend has got a van and thanks to that we will be able to reach more places. But not yet I know what specific functions I will have to develop. I go there with the intention of doing whatever“, concludes Juan Facundo Mora.

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