“I loved Zaragoza, but it was time to take a step forward in my career”

How are you doing in Gran Canaria?

We’ve had some ups and downs due to injuries, but overall everything is amazing. We are in an excellent position in the Eurocup, we still have options to play the ‘play off’ in the ACB and I, personally, consider that I am playing good basketball. If we get the rhythm back, we can do important things. Also, the island is fantastic.

And with less cold than in Zaragoza…

Of course (laughs). The Zaragoza wind was horrible, I don’t even want to think about it, but I consider it to be my second home. My family was also very happy there and I have great memories.

Why did you decide to leave the Casademont?

In the summer, obviously, we looked at what was best for me. I loved Zaragoza, but it was my time to take a leap in my career. Sometimes you need to make a change and the fact that Gran Canaria played in the Eurocup also had an influence. Players like me love challenges, we love competitions like the Champions League or the Eurocup, and I wanted to go further. It was an opportunity to move forward.

What is the best memory you have of your time here?

I guess when we beat Real Madrid in our pavilion. It was very exciting to beat such a respected European power. I had arrived in Zaragoza shortly before and it was a fantastic experience. People stopped me on the street to congratulate me. I enjoyed a lot.

And the worst?

The worst moment was when the pandemic hit. Fisac ​​trained us and I think we had the chance to do very well in the ACB playoff. We were third, playing incredible basketball and with options to do something great. Covid came and stopped everything. That’s my worst memory because we could have done a lot of special things.

Are you following the trajectory of the Casademont?

Yes, I still watch their games. This team still has a place in my heart and interests me.

What does the team lack to be higher?

In some games they play with passion and look like one of the best teams in the league. Others, not so much. There have been many changes of players and perhaps they are lacking some rhythm to have a distinctive stamp. If they manage to be more consistent, they will surely end up winning more matches.

And Gran Canaria, what is missing to be among the first?

I honestly think it’s a similar problem. We have to be able to approach each game as if it were the last because there are many good teams and we cannot relax. We have to be constant.

How is your relationship with Fisac?

fantastic. It pushes me to be a better player and gives me freedom. He knows my game since we met in Zaragoza and he allows me to dare. Season after season, it makes me grow.

Is he the best coach you’ve had in Spain?

I have had great coaches here. Each one has his strengths and weaknesses, but it is clear that he is among the best. I have learned a lot from him and it is a pleasure to work alongside him.

Another of his great supporters in the locker room is Nicolás Brussino, also a former Casademont player.

So is. We have had similar trajectories in Spain and we are united by a great friendship. She is a very important person to me.

How do you expect Prince Felipe to receive you this Sunday?

With open arms. I am delighted to play in Zaragoza. People have always been close to me, my son was born in this city and I will always carry him in my heart.

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