HENNEO suspends all types of business relationship with Russian companies

HENNEO has decided cancel all commercial and contractual relationships with Russian companies as a sign of rejection of the military offensive that the government of Vladimir Putin has deployed since last February 24 against a sovereign country such as Ukraine.

This decision of HENNEO affects all sectors and interests in which there is currently a commercial interaction. It is a clear disconnection between a business and human group committed to the pillars of democracy and a cruel government that has trampled on the most basic human and civil rights of an entire country and its inhabitants in a unilateral, unjustifiable and treacherous manner.

Russia is one of the world’s leading suppliers of paperwith the logical incidence of this data in the world of the written press and HENNEO had contracts with some of its suppliers for the supply of this raw material. The decision to suspend these commercial contracts with Russian companies is not due to commercial criteria, but to convictions and a position of solidarity with the suffering of the Ukrainian peoplewhich has currently seen its way of life compromised by the virulence of the attack ordered by Vladimir Putin.

HENNEO considers that the Russian regime currently constitutes a clear threat to the whole of the European Union and the countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), including Spain since the 1980s. The agreed economic sanctions by the European Union are aimed at weakening Russia’s financial muscle to prevent it from continuing to finance the conflict with impunity and putting an end to this war.

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