Happy ending for the case of the boy who lost a cochlear implant in Valdefierro

Joy and happiness in the family of Andrew, the man from Zaragoza who lost one of the two cochlear implants he has had since he was 3 years old in the Valdefierro neighborhood on February 11. A citizen walking his dog found the device and contacted the young man’s parents, who have already returned to have him in their possession.

The loss occurred when 15-year-old Andrew got off at a 24 bus stop on his way home, but was later unable to remember the exact spot where he might have fallen. He was able to recreate the route with his parents, who together with friends and family began an exhaustive search in the area to try to find him.. But the raid was unsuccessful, so they flooded the neighborhood with warning signs and phone numbers for someone to find him. HERALDO also echoed the event, and thanks to this a citizen contacted Johanna, Andrew’s mother, to make available a device similar to that of the minor.

And it is that, as Johanna told this newspaper, each device costs 7,500 euros, although Social Security subsidizes most of it. The problem is that the aid does not contemplate the loss of the implant, so the family, who already had to make a great economic effort to pay their corresponding part of each device, should now face the full payment of it.

“The lady was very good, she sold us the device, which had belonged to her father, for a price that, compared to what we would have had to pay for a new one, it’s almost symbolic”, explained this Thursday Johanna.

And that each implant carries a special program that makes it unique for the receiving patient. So much so, that the device that Andrew wears in his right ear does not work for his left, and vice versa. However, they were able to download the program in the hearing aid offered by the Zaragozan, which will now go into reserve in case any of the originals deteriorates or is lost again.

Because luck was once again on the side of the family when, days later, the phone rang to give them the great news that a passer-by had located the lost device. Johanna says that La Purisima school, where Andrew studies, had already informed them that the young man could not go longer without one of the two implants.

It is not the first time that social networks do their ‘Magic‘ when a citizen asks for help to find a lost object, or someone who finds something that could have sentimental value for someone announces that he has found it to try to locate its owner. This was the case, for example, with a photograph found on the Zaragoza tram, or a Holy Week drum, among other objects.

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