Germany and Russia end their collaboration in space

The Executive Board of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) has decided to “terminate all collaboration activities with Russian institutions on current or planned projects“.

In parallel, the director of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, declared that this State Corporation will not cooperate with Germany in joint experiments in the Russian segment of the ISS (International Space Station). “Roscosmos will carry them out independently”he added in an interview to Russia 24 television channel.

“There will be no new projects or initiatives with institutions in Russia. When necessary, DLR will enter into coordination with other national and international partners“, he explained in his DLR statement “in the context of the aggressive attack against Ukraine.

“Violence should never be a means to achieve goals of any kind. Therefore, we view the events in Ukraine with great concern. and we condemn Russia’s hostile actions,” they added.

DLR and the German Space Agency at DLR have been cooperating with Russian institutions on a number of research projects, in some cases with the participation of other German research organizations and universities, and international partners.

One of the most significant joint programs is the Spektr-RG gamma-ray space observatory, launched on July 13, 2019. Germany had also shown interest in participating in the future Russian mission to Venus. German astronaut Mathias Meurer is currently on the International Space Station.

Rogozin has also announced that Roscosmos will not service the 24 Russian RD-180 rocket engines shipped to the United States to support the ULA (United Launch Alliance) ATLAS rocket. In addition, it has been decided to stop deliveries of the RD-181 model.

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