Francés and Lluís López, a new couple

Against the top scorer in the competition, Almería (47 goals), Real Zaragoza will oppose an unprecedented central defensive axis. Jair Amador’s penalty for accumulating warnings will lead to the central modification. Juan Ignacio Martínez will bet on Alejandro Francés and Lluís López to try to stop the biggest goal producer in the Second Division, Almería.

These are two contrasted players in the competition. Francés has already played for the U21 national team and has shown his ability to compete in the category. Lluís López may have shown more with Espanyol than with Zaragoza, but his conditions cannot be questioned either. player by player, We are facing two contrasting values ​​in the silver category. Another thing is how to mixhow two men used to being on the right side of the central axis, with a left side that Jim has granted this course to Jair, after condemning Enrique Clemente to ostracism, understand each other.

Francés has been traveling regularly between the position of right central defender and that of right back, the latter option always favored by the absence for whatever reason of Fran Gámez. Instead of betting on Ángel López, a player who is standing out powerfully with the Spanish youth team, under the orders of Santi Denia, and who has always delivered when he has jumped to the first team, Jim has preferred to move Frances to the right back. Thus, Francés and Lluís López have already coincided in several initial Real Zaragoza formations, but never as teammates in the central axis, but displaced to the right.

Looking ahead to the match against Almería, scheduled for tomorrow Friday at La Romareda, Jim already confirmed yesterday that with Francés and Lluís López he will build the central defensive area. In addition, the coach announced that Francés will occupy the right portion of the axis, while Lluís López will be located on this occasion in the central left area, a new space for the Catalan defender. One and the other, Francés and Lluís López, will have before them the challenge of stopping one of the great strikers of the competition, Sadiq Umar Mesbah. With 13 goals under his belt, the Nigerian constitutes the biggest threat of an Almería that arrives in Zaragoza in promotion position, as second in the qualifying table, but that needs to feed on points to maintain its status. Zaragoza is also playing a lot in the dispute. Distanced eleven points from relegation, the lion team seeks to consolidate its growth with a prestigious victory in the Second Division. The contribution of their centrals, without a doubt, will be decisive.

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