Feijóo is open to state agreements with Sánchez

The president of the Xunta de Galicia and candidate to preside over the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has been open this Thursday to state pacts with the chief executive, Pedro Sánchez, and has pointed out that these years, apart from what happened with the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, there have been “drive errors” and “interference” in the autonomous communities.

“The PP has made some mistakes so far, it has also made mistakes. Mistakes are always seen more than successes and at this time they were unity errors,” Feijóo said in an interview on the Cope network, which was collected by Europa Press.

The Galician leader has recalled that the PP has an autonomous structure and the party must “accept it and not undermine it.” In his opinion, these years there have been “decisions”, “interference” and “disrespect towards many PP leaders” which, added to the latest with the Community of Madrid, have produced “a tension and an implosion” which has led to “this situation of mistrust and lack of unity”.

Making constitutional pacts “is not easy”

Feijóo has shown himself willing to reach state agreements with Sánchez on issues that are “important” for the country and has said that the PP has the “obligation to listen and respond” to the proposals made. Of course, he has recognized that making “European, Atlanticist and constitutional pacts is not easy”.

As for Vox, Feijóo has admitted that many voters of that party previously bet on the PP and have left. “I do not share Vox’s speech because they are not the same in any case”, he has proclaimed, to underline that the PP “Never” has it been an “anti-autonomist or eurosceptic or populist” party that questions the Spanish and European institutions. “My party is the PP and Vox is not the PP now or before or ever,” she said.

Having said this, he has warned that The more votes Vox has, “the more possibilities” the PSOE will have to stay in the Moncloa Palace. In his opinion, it is necessary to “fight” Santiago Abascal’s party by explaining the PP’s political project to the people and convincing them that it is necessary to “unite” to achieve a majority. “The more we divide the vote, the more PSOE and more populism and independence,” has alerted.

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