Espacio Municipalista calls the raising of European funds by the Teruel City Council a “failure”

Espacio Municipalista (EM) criticizes the raising of funds in the European calls for the year 2021 as “failure” by the mayor of Teruel, Emma Buj. The councilor of the left formation, Zésar Corellaconsiders the funding obtained from the European Union (EU) to be “bad news” and urges the government team of the City Council of Teruel’s capital PP-Cs to prepare “more and better” projects for the city.

EM affirms that the EU funds for recovery “are not just any opportunity” and that it is about resources to put the “next decade” of the city of Teruel on track. He denounces that PP and Ciudadanos “have failed” in the 2021 calls.

The municipal formation considers in a statement that “the current government team is trying to sneak in sidewalk renovation projects in the neighborhoods in the financing programs for tourism sustainability” and this may be the reason why “our city is being excluded from the calls”, they consider.

They add that “it has not been a good idea”, as Emma Buj was warned during the processing of the budgets, and they hope that in the 2022 calls the government team will “work more and be more original”, since it is not yet known. what is going to be presented and they denounce that “the lack of work has made Teruel citizens lose an opportunity”. “The mayor has had time to go to Brussels to campaign on the distribution of funds and has neglected what is really important, which is to do her job by developing attractive projects and raising resources for the city,” they add from EM.

Of the calls to which the Teruel City Council applied in the 2021 financial year, only those managed by the Department of Territory Planning of the Government of Aragon have been granted for the elevator projects that will link the Carmen neighborhood with the Historic Center , initially covered by the Edusi, and the network of cycling trails between rural neighborhoods and the city of Teruel.

Within the program for the implementation of low-emission zones, Teruel has been awarded the project relating to the renovation of sidewalks and accessibility works for the Rondas, although all the projects aimed at tourism sustainability and shopping areas have been rejected .

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