Enlightened in the darkness of the Russia-Ukraine war

Everything falls apart up there, but a baby sleeps soundly, wrapped in a fleece blanket and with that placidity typical of newborns. It would seem that not even a bombshell could wake him up. And this is literal. The little boy, in the arms of his father, is the living image of hope in the midst of war disaster. He came into the world this Wednesday in the basement of a Kiev maternity during one of the most furious attacks by Russian troops. Well seen, he was lucky. After all, despite being born underground, his mother was treated in a hospital. many others Ukrainian women are giving birth amidst the darkness of war in harsh conditions, putting their lives and those of their creatures at risk.

UNFPA, the United Nations agency in charge of sexual and reproductive health, estimates that up to 80,000 Ukrainian women will give birth in the country in the next three months. Although, today and although precarious, Most health centers continue to function. “We are getting heartbreaking reports of damaged hospitals in which it is difficult to guarantee deliveries with all the guarantees,” says the Spaniard Jaime Nadal, UNFPA representative in Ukraine and Belarus, in a video released by the agency.

According to the last part of this agency that depends on the UN, in recent nights there have been more than 80 births in Kiev. Many of them in underground cellars and even in subway stations where the population seeks refuge, in subhuman conditions, without the slightest hygienic guarantees and “without access to essential maternal health services,” say those responsible for the agency, which have already reported cases of women who have perished in childbirth. “For all of them it will be a life-threatening experience, rather than a hopeful event,” they lament.

At least, these children of war, these little ones who are born in the midst of terror, they will never remember the darkest days of their lives. Yes, all those creatures who cannot understand to what extent their lives have changed in a week and why they have had to leave their homes will. Unicef ​​already warns that half of the displaced in Ukraine are children and “his situation is getting worse by the minute.” “Many children have been injured and many more are deeply traumatized by the violence around them”denounces this United Nations agency.

13 children killed

In the midst of this barbarism, a fact that is directly unbearable. Thirteen children have been killed these days. It is an official figure, verified by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). The great obsession of Ukrainian parents is that their little ones do not suffer the same fate.

“I am very scared for my children,” Hispanist Liudmyla Dilenko acknowledges this newspaper through a WhatsApp note in which her little ones laugh and play in the background.

The little one is three years old and Roman, the oldest, will be six tomorrow, in a rare birthday, sheltered in a Protestant church near Chernivzi. “Luckily they are still very young, but when we had to leave Kiev, he did not understand anything, why we had to leave,” says the mother. “How do you explain all this to a child?”he wonders.

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