Cuban tapas and “real” mojitos on Zaragoza’s Calle Mayor

“When the full moon arrives I will go to Santiago de Cuba.” The verse by Federico García Lorca that can be read on one of the walls of the premises gives an idea of ​​the spirit with which he started The compadres. It is a piece of the Caribbean island that has been installed on Calle Mayor from Zaragoza (next to the Meli Melo) with one foot on each side of the Atlantic: Cuban flavors served through the Spanish custom of tapas.

This new option on the Zaragoza route of world cuisine It’s only been open a month and It comes to complement the already existing Cuban cuisine with the pecking modality.

Rafael Cardero and Julio Ramírez are the owners of the business, both from Santiago de Cuba. The first, with three decades of experience in the best hotels in Havana and the renowned La Torre restaurant, also in the capital, has only been in Zaragoza for eight months. Julio, for his part, is a plastic artist later trained in hospitality, a sector in which he has been practicing for eleven years in the Aragonese capital. Between the two of them they have designed a very varied menu, unfathomable in a single visit, which rests on the tradition of Cuban cuisine, whether it is the best known internationally, or the most homemade. Everything, without losing ties with the Spanish table or giving up certain new trends.

Thus, the quintessential Cuban stew, the old clothes, cannot be missing from the Los Compadres menu. But you give it a spin by serving it in a bao pan or added to a serving of broken eggs. The popular Spanish ration is ‘Cubanized’ as well changing the potato for cassava. The Caribbean tuber is also used to version the patatas bravas, which in Los Compadres become Yuca brava. With this ingredient they are also made croquettesone of the star specialties of Los Compadres that is presented in other original flavors, such as sweet potato and beef (of which they are especially proud).

Yuca brava and stuffed tostones, two of the specialties of the Cuban tapas of Los Compadres.
Yuca brava and bao de ropavieja, two of the specialties of Cuban tapas at Los Compadres.
Oliver Shower

In the ‘trinity’ of Cuban foods, along with ropavieja and yucca, the male banana In Los Compadres it is served in the form of ladybugs (sliced ​​and fried) and tostones, which in this case are stuffed with meat and au gratin.

But in addition to these already well-known products, Los Compadres allows you to take a look at other foods and recipes of the Cuban table less trite. It is the case of the taro, another type of tuber that is prepared grated, fried and accompanying some fajitas. OR The account, marinated and breaded fish. Another curiosity is cuban salad, a dish that, says Rafael, “is never lacking in a celebration in Cuba, especially birthdays” and that is a complete pasta salad made with spaghetti.

In addition to tapas, there is also the possibility of trying a complete Cuban meal, yes, it must be on request because the elaborations are long and need to be served at the moment.

The varied menu is washed down with a no less assorted range of cocktails. With a king, of course: the Mojito. In Los Compadres it is served “as it is the real thing”. Without revealing the tricks, the thing is to add less sugar to the cocktail and serve it with whole ice, not crushed. In addition to this symbol drink of the island, there are others like the Cubanito, a kind of Bloody Mary that instead of vodka it has rum.

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