Cs removes the card from its deputies after detecting “improper expenses” the comptroller of the Cortes

The spokesman for Citizens in the Cortes of Aragon, Daniel Pérez Calvo, has withdrawn the cards that the twelve deputies had after the “improper expenses” detected by the Intervention of the Chamber when auditing the accounts of the parliamentary group last year. The decision was adopted last Wednesday and two days later they had already been rendered useless, which caused a harsh row led by Ramiro Domínguez, second vice president of the Cortes, against Pérez Calvo at the group’s management meeting, which was heard in the corridors, according to several witnesses.

Although no one details the amounts and the charges made, from the parliamentary group, numerous payments for fuel and lunch and dinner in restaurants are allowed when everyone receives compensation for maintenance and displacement, which would mean a double perception, the reason for the ‘call to order’ by the intervener, María Dolores Llop. The exception is José Luis Saz, who only charges per diems for assistance by combining his parliamentary work with his position as an official.

In addition, group sources point out that the billing difference is “substantial” between Ramiro Domínguez and the rest of the deputies. However, the second vice president told this newspaper that he has only used the card “minimally” and only for meals and gasoline when “he does territory”, as he defends that he should directly assume the training when dealing with internal issues. “When I do it in my capacity and work as a parliamentarian, I pay for it with my allowance,” he said.

The withdrawal of the wallet cards, which were recharged when the balance ran out, was not the only measure adopted by the leader of Cs in Aragón. As of this week, no parliamentarian is paid for meals at the Aljafería restaurant, although it will apply with one exception: plenary days, which are held every two weeks. The measure does not affect workers when they stay for lunch.

In the same way, the only expenses that will be reimbursed from now on to the deputies will be those for their political work outside the Community, since the intervener understands that the compensation they receive, free of taxes, must cover any displacement in Aragon.

So that there would be no doubt or “misunderstanding” about it, the spokesman asked María Dolores Llop to attend the group meeting so that she could give an account of her “recommendation” to withdraw the cards. This meeting took place without the tension of the previous one that the members of the management maintained: Daniel Pérez Calvo, Ramiro Domínguez, Jara Bernués, Beatriz García and Javier Martínez.

The also autonomous leader of Cs already withdrew the cards at the beginning of the legislature as soon as he took office, considering that “they were not necessary”but the majority demanded their reinstatement and they were recovered in February 2020 against their discretion.

Pérez Calvo stresses that there has been “fraudulent use” of the cards and that he was obliged to withdraw them when he had received the “recommendation” from the intervener. “The financial management of the group has depended at all times on the criteria and good sense of the deputies, as in any organization,” he said before guaranteeing that the money spent should be replaced if any type of expense “impossible to justify” was revealed. at the discretion of the Intervention, as already stated at the meeting.

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