Binéfar demands the Government of Aragon to implement 5G technology

Alfonso Adán, mayor of Binéfar, has demanded from Maru Díaz, Minister of Science, University and Knowledge Society of the Government of Aragon, with whom he met this Thursday in Zaragoza, that the town be included in the implementation of the fifth generation of mobile connection (5G), from which until now it has been excluded for unexplained reasons. The first mayor highlights that the municipality has a dynamic industrial and technological sector, it is one of the towns in Alto Aragonese that has grown the most in recent years and is home to two of the largest companies in the province of Huesca, in this case from the agribusiness sector, but also with important connectivity needs.

The mayor, who was accompanied by representatives of the local Business Association -headed by its president María Pilar Casado-, as well as the Councilor for Sustainable Development, Yolanda Gracia, and several municipal technicians, has come to this meeting after the town stay out of the 5G pilot project of the department led by Maru Díaz.

“We believe that we should have been, being a town with a large number of technology companies, with sectors such as aeronautics, robotics, as well as electronic commerce with several examples of leading companies”, Alfonso Adán reminded the Minister of Science. “This situation is causing some of these technology companies from Binefar to have derived production centers to Lérida or other towns, because in Binéfar they do not have enough bandwidth to carry out their day-to-day activities with the necessary efficiency”, he added.

For all this, in addition to demanding that the fiber be cabled by a second operator (Binéfar is the only town with more than 8,000 inhabitants that does not have two fiber operators, which causes a very poor service), Adán has asked the counselor who, above all, “5G is implanted in our town immediately and without excuses”.

“It is very important for the development of our companies and our town to have the necessary technological tools to continue growing”

Likewise, the mayor of Binéfar has assured that “as a City Council, we will support industries and companies that want to install broadband, facilitating within our possibilities posts so that they can implant it. We believe that it is very important for the development of our companies and of our locality to have the necessary technological tools to continue growing, because we have been suffering a decline for many years and fighting at a disadvantage with other localitiesso we believe that this should be resolved as soon as possible”.

Alfonso Adán has positively valued the commitment made by the Minister to accompany the Binéfar City Council with a study, through Aragonesa de Servicios de Telemáticos (AST), of the possible implementation and development of 5G in the town once the fiber optic has been deployed. Telefónica, designated operator.

In this last mandate, the City Council has contacted the Department of Science on numerous occasions, meetings have been requested without response and also has been transferred to the President of the Government of AragonJavier Lambán, the need for an improvement of the telephone network system. “We thank Maru Díaz for attending us, although it should have been a long time ago, because we have repeatedly claimed the need for both the meeting and the improvement of telecommunications,” said the mayor. “We hope they take Binéfar into consideration for the implementation of 5G, which it cannot be postponed to go to the first division because what we are doing is losing opportunities“, Alfonso Adán has added.

The most relevant industrial infrastructure in Binéfar is the industrial estate El Sosal, which brings together more than 50 companies in a business environment of the first magnitude and that at the moment is in a period of expansion. It is growth conceived in two phases: the first, which has already been completed and is largely occupied by one of the largest companies in Alto Aragón, and a second, which is in the programming and drafting phase of projects, and which will be I would place between the previous two. El Sosal also has the pipes required to provide it with the necessary fiber optic network, although none of the initiatives to carry out the deployment of it by companies in the private telecommunications sector have materialized.

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