Battle tanks circulate along the Melilla border although the Command detaches it from the assault on the fence

Several motorized units of the Army, among them numerous tanks, have been circulating since the early hours of the morning near the border fence that separates Melilla from Morocco, coinciding with the most numerous jumps in the history of the fence of the Spanish city in North Africa.

A spokesman for the Melilla General Command has assured Europa Press that the military personnel are in said area “as part of their usual and daily activities” that they carry out throughout the year and therefore has remarked that this action “has nothing to do with the control of irregular immigration”.

The presence of the tanks, however, has drawn attention because the convoy of military vehicles circulating near the fence It has occurred at a time when the State Security Forces and Bodies are on alert due to the migratory pressure that Melilla is suffering, and at a time when they were carrying out control tasks on the border perimeter.

In two days More than 850 irregular migrants have entered Spanish cities, about 500 on Wednesday -it is the largest entry in the history of the fence together with two produced in 2014- and 350 this Thursday.

In addition, the one on Wednesday broke the record for people trying to enter Melilla irregularly at the same time, more than 2,500, of which some 2,000 were turned away by security devices on either side of the fence, in Morocco with its Auxiliary Forces, Police and Gendarmerie and on the Spanish side by the Civil Guard, National Police and Local Police.

The last time the Army collaborated in the surveillance of the Melilla fence was in mid-May after the events in Ceuta, which caused the entry of more than 10,000 Moroccans and the subsequent access attempts by hundreds of Moroccans through Melilla.

Previously, it has also activated its troops at specific moments of greatest tension, especially in the 2005 fence crisis, when very frequently, thousands of migrants tried to access the Spanish city, which also led to the height of the fence going from three to six meters.

A hundred Civil Guards and Police will arrive in the next few hours

The presence this Thursday of the battle tanks in the vicinity of the fence, to officially perform “routine activities”, coincides with the announcement made by the Government delegate, Sabrina Moh, revealing that a hundred agents of the Civil Guard and the National Police will arrive in Melilla in the next few hours to continue reinforcing the border perimeter after the jumps that have occurred during the days of Wednesday and Thursday.

“A reinforcement will arrive in hours from 2 MIRs from the Civil Guard and a PIU from the National Police, or what is the same, almost a hundred troops who are going to come to provide service and support to the State Security Forces and Bodies in the territory”, he announced.

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