An Estonian cargo ship sinks off the coast of southern Ukraine after colliding with an underwater mine

An Estonian freighter with a Panamanian flag It sank this Thursday on the shores of the Black Sea, off the city of Odessa, in southern Ukraine, after colliding with an underwater mine.

The cargo ship, under the name of Heltwas hit below the waterline and disappeared from radar on Thursday, Ukrainian port authorities have reported.

A spokesman for the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reported that the six crew members who were on board have managed to be rescuedafter initially only two of them had been able to access one of the freighter’s lifeboats.

According to the information provided by the authorities of the Baltic country, the explosion has taken place about twenty nautical miles, about 37 kilometers, from the Ukrainian coast in the Black Sea.

Estonian and Ukrainian authorities have not yet been able to determine exactly the exact circumstances of what happened.

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