An airship company could be installed at Teruel airport

A company manufacturing and marketing aircraft similar to a ‘zeppelin’ will most likely be the new project that lands at the thriving Teruel airport. These self-propelled airships, which will once again place Teruel airport facilities at the forefront of aeronautical technology, will contain equipment that will allow them to be used for a wide variety of purposes, among them, meteorological observation.

This was announced this Wednesday in Teruel by the Minister of Vertebration of the Territory, Mobility and Housing of the Aragonese Government, José Luis Soro, who has stated that it is “a great project” and that the contacts with the company interested in establishing itself in Teruel airport “They are very mature.” Soro, who is also president of the Teruel Airport Consortium –made up of the DGA and the Teruel City Council–, has shown his confidence that the arrival of the company can be confirmed “imminently” and has added that, in his opinion, the initiative will go ahead.

The new project will make it possible to further diversify the airport’s activity, centered on aircraft parking and maintenance, but also with air taxis in operation and a promising company, PLD Space, that uses the most modern technology to manufacture space rockets.

In this way, as highlighted by the counselor, Teruel’s facilities will have aircraft on the ground, in the air and in the stratosphere, which is where the ‘zeppelins’ operate. “You can’t imagine how eager we are to tell it,” said José Luis Soro, addressing the media and asking for their understanding for their prudence when providing data while the news materializes and becomes a reality.

The operation of the new company would reinforce the firm candidacy of Teruel as the headquarters of the future Spanish space agency, an initiative that has united all regional, provincial and local administrations. In turn, Soro has underlined, turning Teruel into the epicenter of cosmos research would mean being in a position to attract more projects. “Everything adds up”, highlighted the Minister of Territorial Vertebration.

José Luis Soro described the project for the manufacture and sale of self-propelled airships as “exciting”. The implantation of it – he explains – “reinforces and justifies public investment and collective hopes” placed on the airport. As he has stated, the Teruel airport facilities “are not just a place to park planes, but much more, because they are adding new initiatives, future, technology and research”.

13 million on highways

Soro has gone to the Teruel capital to detail the investments in the network of secondary roads that the Aragonese Government will carry out in 2022, some actions, he has said, that will also generate “wealth in the territory”, by bringing services to the towns and attracting companies, becoming levers for job creation.

The DGA expects to allocate 13 million euros this year, Charged to regional budgets, for the improvement and maintenance of Teruel roads that, in many cases, have been forgotten for decades, without any reform having been carried out on them. The actions will affect plus 50 kilometers of highways and four urban crossings. In addition, slopes will be stabilized and the pavement will be reinforced in several sections in poor condition.

the road that connects Torrevelilla and La Cañada de Verich; the one that goes from Hijar to La Puebla de Hijar; and the one that communicates Lagueruela and Allueva, are some of the roads that will be improved. Also, the road will be widened between La Puebla de Valverde and the Javalambre ski resort.

Offer to manage the logistics warehouse

On the other hand, the tender to operate the latest equipment built at the Teruel airport, a logistics warehouse equipped with a bridge crane, has received only one offer. The identity of the company that chooses to manage this infrastructure will not be known until the date of opening of the offers by the consortium that owns the airport complex.

The ship has 2,000 square meters and its construction involved an investment of 843,003 euros. It may be used for the storage, classification, redistribution and testing of aeronautical parts. The bridge crane has a load capacity of 2,000 kilos. The initial concession term is five years, extendable up to a maximum of 25 with an annual fee of 48,916.

The operation of the ship could fit in with the activity carried out at the airport by Airbus and its subsidiary Tarmac Aragón, the main operator due to the employment generated.

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