Almost 180 pieces will recreate the life of Alfonso X in Toledo

The exhibition of the VIII Centenary of Alfonso X finalizes these days the assembly of his almost 180 pieces from institutions such as the National Library or the Torre do Tombo National Archive in Lisbon.

As reported by the Toledo City Council in a press release, the exhibition will open its doors March 14 in the upper transept of the Santa Cruz Museum under the title “Alfonso X el Sabio: the legacy of a precursor king”.

It’s about a complete tour of life and legacy of this monarch, born in Toledo in 1221, whose VIII centenary was commemorated on November 23.

The speech of the exhibition, whose curator is the professor of Medieval History at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM), Ricardo Izquierdo, is organized into five sections: “Alfonso, infante (1221-1252)”, “The ruling king (1252-1284): a reign of lights and shadows”, “The Wise King”, “The end of the reign” and “The vision of the king from the posterity”.

In addition, the exhibition brings with it the multi-part restorationincluding two paintings from the Prado Museum from the Ministry of Justice and the Museum of Fine Arts of Tenerife, the latter work by the painter Dioscoro Puebla that represents the king accompanied by his scientific collaborators inside the synagogue of Santa María la Blanca .

In total, the sample is made up of almost 180 archaeological pieces, documents, codices, paintings and modelsamong which the “Libro del saber de astrología” from the Biblioteca Histórica Marqués de Valdecilla (Complutense University of Madrid) stands out, as well as one of the four original volumes of the “Cantigas de Santa María”, the so-called “Códice de Toledo which is preserved in the National Library.

This institution, together with the National Historical Archive and the Cathedral of Toledo, to which pieces such as the chasuble of Archbishop Don Sancho and the “Crown of cameos” belong, is the main provider of the exhibition.

Specifically, around fifty institutions and collectors lend their pieces to this exhibition, including the Torre do Tombo National Archive in Lisbon.

The sample, which will remain open to the public until June 19 and whose visit will be free, is organized by the Toledo City Council with the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Castilla-La Mancha Community Board, Spanish Cultural Action and the Toledo Provincial Council.

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