Albares confirms contacts with Morocco to “redirect the situation” after the two assaults in Melilla

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation, José Manuel Albares, has indicated this Thursday that is maintaining contacts with the Moroccan authorities with a view to “redirect the situation” after the two massive assaults in the valley in Melilla recorded in the last 48 hours.

“It’s a very worrying fact,” The minister has acknowledged in an interview in La Sexta, collected by Europa Press, stressing that “We had spent many months without this type of jump occurring or when there had been attempts in collaboration with the Moroccan authorities they had managed to repel themselves and not reach this seriousness”.

Thus, he has specified that he is “in contact with the Moroccan authorities to redirect this situation”, without providing more details about said contacts, beyond assuring that they also is “devoting many hours to this matter”.

On Wednesday, some 2,500 migrants tried to jump the border fence in the autonomous city, of which some 500 achieved their goal, in what was the largest entry attempt to date. This Thursday, about 1,200 have tried to jump to Melilla again, about 350 have succeeded.

In both events there have been wounded among the security forces. Thus, on Wednesday 25 Civil Guard officers and two from the National Police Corps required medical attention after the event, while this morning another four Civil Guard officers were injured.

Thus, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, spoke this Thursday with the President of Melilla, Eduardo de Castro, to convey the support of the Executive after the massive attempts to enter migrants that have occurred in the last two days in the autonomous city.

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