A driver faces 4 years in prison for a traffic argument in Huesca

A traffic discussion that occurred in the municipality of Loporzano, a few kilometers from Huesca, could cost one of those involved a sentence of up to 4 and a half years in prison. The victim asked for explanations for a spike in the road and the alleged aggressor He overreacted by giving him a beating that knocked out several teeth. The case will be tried in the Huesca Court on March 9.

The events occurred on the N-240 road. The defendant was driving an Audi A4 2.0 vehicle and stopped at a gas station. The other driver with whom he had had the scuffle moments before approached him with the intention of asking him for an explanation. Suddenly, according to the prosecutor in the account of the events, the first hit him in the face with the door frame, he fell dejected to the ground and there he continued punching and kicking him in different parts of the body.

As a result of the events, he suffered various facial injuries, with the loss of dental pieces. Also erosions on the right elbow and conditions at the base of the skull. She had to undergo surgery and dental treatment for the placement of a prosthesis. Recovery time was 54 days.

For the Prosecutor’s Office, the facts are constitutive of a crime of injuries that have caused deformity, for which he requests a sentence of 4 years and 6 months in prison, with the accessory of special disqualification for the right to passive suffrage during the time of the sentence.

The accused must compensate the victim with 1,706.94 euros for the days of healing, plus 3,000 euros for surgical interventions and what corresponds in execution of the sentence for the operations and dental treatment received.

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