A company from Cuarte offers itself as an aid collection point for Ukraine

The feeling powerless in the face of war that it feels closer to being at the gates of the European Union (EU) has made many Aragonese look for ways to collaborate with the Ukrainian population besieged by the Russian Army. A company from Zaragoza has taken the step of offer space in your warehouses in Cuarte de Huerva, its trucks, forklifts and staff to serve as a logistics point for collecting the essential products requested by the association that brings together the Ukrainian community in Aragon, Aura, to send to their compatriots. Azulejos Moncayo has begun this Wednesday to store products that can go in shipments organized by the Spanish authorities.

“We want to try to lend a hand with our facilities, in logistics. You see the images, all of them, but, as a father, especially those of children, I imagine such a situation and my heart sinks,” says Roland Garros, manager of the company, from its logistics center in construction materials Along with the boxes of tiles, a pallet is now being prepared with the first donations, mainly diapers, blankets, wipes and other essential products.

newborns on the border

“There are many women with babies on the border,” says Anastasia Sukhuvyey, a Ukrainian resident of the Zaragoza municipality, a member of the association of Ukrainians in Aragon, Aura, to which the donations go. She explains that there are pregnant women who have had to give birth in basements and flee, due to the bombing. Of the long list of products that are spreading these days, she insists that they are sent baby care products, including bottles and blankets.

Her keeps in touch with his family, a sister, aunts and cousins who live in Kryvoy Rog, about 450 kilometers south of the capital, Kiev. “They are covering windows with what they can because the other night they had three emergency sirens,” account of the situation experienced by those who have remained. There are no more supplies in your city. “No store is open”, recounts. Families try to dodge attacks in the basements of some homes or buildings such as schools. There is no metro there like in the capital.

“They are covering windows with what they can because the other night they had three emergency sirens”

This Wednesday he visited the Azulejos Moncayo warehouse, with his 3-year-old daughter Diana, after organizing another collection point in a local ceded by the City Council of Cuarte, which opens this Thursday. In the latter, a Ukrainian flag on the door will serve so that it can be quickly located by the people of Zaragoza who come to the municipality. It is located at number 35 Ramón y Cajal street in Cuarte. The Azulejos Moncayo warehouse is located on the Valencia road, at the entrance to the town, at kilometer 8.

Anastasia, a Ukrainian resident of Cuarte de Huerva, at the aid collection point in Azulejos Moncayo.

The person in charge of Azulejos Moncayo, Roland Garros, and Anastasia Sukhuvyey, a Ukrainian resident of Cuarte de Huerva, with her daughter Diana, at the aid collection point in Azulejos Moncayo.
Tony Galan

The contact between the neighbor and the businessman was through a Facebook group of the municipality, in which Garros saw that aid was beginning to be mobilized. About 26 Ukrainians live in the Zaragoza town, Sukhuvyey calculates. “People were a bit lost in the sense of where to collaborate and offered the facilities to collect, such as collection point”, explains the businessman. On the ship he calculates that there is free space for some “200 or 300 pallets” of aid, which once full can be transported to the Zaragoza airport or the place indicated by the authorities.

She explains that they have also addressed pharmacies de Cuarte so that they can also collect product donations there. “The Government of Aragon has brought us boxes,” he explains, in order to store everything. With the help of the City Council and the logistics company, they hope to transport what they receive. The collection has begun for the workers, clients and friends and they hope that it will continue for many others.

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