350 immigrants enter Melilla in a second morning of pressure on the fence

Some 350 immigrants have managed to jump the Melilla fence early this Thursday, a day after 491 people managed to enter the autonomous city by the same method.

As Efe has been able to verify, this attempt has been carried out by a very large group and it happened after seven in the morning in the area between the border crossings of Barrio Chino and Beni-Enzar.

Several immigrants have remained perched on the upper area of ​​the fence before the important deployment of security on both sides of the perimeter. Those who have entered Melilla have run to the Temporary Stay Center for Immigrants (CETI).

As reported by the Government Delegation in Melilla, at 6:00, the Civil Guard Command observed a large group of immigrants, about 1,200, approaching the fence, so the anti-intrusion device has been activated.

At about 7:25 a.m., after overcoming the agents of the Moroccan security forces, the jump to the fence has begun between the areas between the border crossings of Barrio Chino and Beni Enzar.

The anti-intrusion device, made up of agents from the Civil Guard and the National Police, with the collaboration of the Local Police at the roadblock, has neutralized and prevented a significant part of the group from accessing the city and it is estimated that some 350 have entered the city.

Efe has been able to verify that in the Moroccan part of the fence, the agents of the neighboring country have used riot gear to try to repel the jump to the fence and that part of the immigrants have remained perched on the upper part due to the strong deployment of security.

According to the Government Delegation, the migrants “have deployed adds violence, throwing stones, and using hooks and sticks against the security forces.

So far, four Civil Guard officers have been injured and are being treated at the Regional Hospital. Thousands of Sub-Saharans are on Mount Gurugú waiting to be able to storm the fence.

Sub-Saharans have headed to the race for the Temporary Stay Center for Immigrants (CETI) with evident signs of joy and shouting “boza” (victory), and upon arrival they have entered the center after removing part of the clothes and shoes they were wearing.

This Thursday’s entry comes after the historic jump over the fence on Wednesday, in which 2,500 sub-Saharans participated and 491 managed to enter.

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