Zaragoza has eight houses to welcome Ukrainians

The mayor of Zaragoza, Jorge Azcón, has advanced that the City Council of the Aragonese capital already has a census of eight houses available for those who have to leave Ukraine and come to “shelter” in the city, and thus welcome them as “if they were one of the people of Zaragoza”.

“Zaragoza City Council is going to request the convening of the Emergency Commission”, in which the contributions that each consistory must make will be established, Azcón announced this Wednesday, March 2, after attending the Security Board, in which the procedures for the incorporation of the Aragonese capital into the VioGén system have begun.

In this line, the mayor has assured that the Zaragoza city council is collaborating with the administrations that are going to directly carry out the competition and the channeling of the process of bringing in refugees. The European Union is in charge of specifying the details with the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, to transmit them to the autonomous communities, which will be the ones that inform the municipalities.

In addition, Jorge Azcón has stressed that other municipal areas, such as Culture, are working to see what are the possibilities and events to be carried out to “channel the solidarity of the city”, or in different actions in civic centers.

For his part, the municipal councilor for Social Action and Family, Ángel Lorén, has advanced the provision of the City Council by contribute 30,000 euros to finance interventions that can be developed jointly and in collaboration with the entities that work in the field.

One of the apartments in Zaragoza Housing that the City Council is going to make available for the reception of Ukrainian families
One of the apartments in Zaragoza Housing that the City Council is going to make available for the reception of Ukrainian families
Daniel Marcos

To this end, he has requested an urgent meeting of this committee, of which the Zaragoza Consistory is a part, together with the Aragonese Federation of Solidarity, the Government of Aragon, the Provincial Council of Zaragoza and representatives of the Aragonese counties and municipalities.

In addition, the City Council is working on a global plan that will include both the reception of Ukrainian families in Zaragoza and the articulation of citizen solidarity for the shipment of products.

Zaragoza, through the Casa de las Culturas, has already welcomed two families in social housing who managed to flee the war before the airports closed, and the municipal government is going to expand the capacity of its reception program with six flats more, that Zaragoza Housing is going to contribute for this purpose, with the aim of facilitating the arrival of more refugee families.

Regarding the shipment of products to the displaced population on the borders of Ukraine, the Consistory is in talks with Arapaz, the entity with the most experience in this type of humanitarian aid actions, to articulate the citizen solidarity that has already begun to express itself in the city. The Area of ​​Participation and Relations with Citizens will make the facilities of some civic centers available.

Hand in hand with Arapaz, with which the City Council collaborates through a historic Cooperation agreement, and with the participation of the Zaragoza Volunteer Corps, the appropriate formulas are being sought to channel this solidarity, according to the needs of the affected population and the ability to deliver aid through entities working on the ground.

The objective is to guarantee the effectiveness of this solidarity aid, so in the coming days it is expected to specify and publicize these collaboration formulas.

For her part, the Government delegate in Aragon, Rosa Serrano, added, at the end of the Security Board in which she spoke, that “Spain will rise to the occasion”as it has done on other occasions, in reference to the arrival of Afghans.

The collaboration between institutions is being “very agile”, but we have to wait for a European guideline, with the battery of legal regulations that will give security to the citizens who are in the country and the future ones that may come.

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